Pro Napster hacker strikes 110 sites

I just posted the article Pro Napster hacker strikes 110 sites.

Source: CNET News

A pseudonymous hacker has launched a Web graffiti spree, defacing Web sites ranging from NASA to the Communications Workers of America with a pro-Napster message.


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Good job! Hacker Rulez!

That I would pay money to see.
Fuck metallica and their asshole record excecs, lawyers, promoters and sponsers. BOOOOOOOO!!!

i would have given anything to see lars booed by the crowd he is very deserving of it and if i had the skillz i would deface 1000 sites

pimpshiz is a god

Yes, this is a great job !!! I hate metalica, dr. dre en madonna. Fuck that big moneymakers like the dutch (Free)Recordshop too ! I will have a good day :slight_smile:

How can I hack?? I wanna hack too!

Even funnier was Shawn Fanning coming onstage in a Metallica t-shirt. Very tongue-in-cheek.

Pimpshiz is a STAR!!

yeah pimpshiz is the man!!!
hackers and napster rulezz the net!!!

Last night on the VMA-awards on MTV Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica) was boo-ed out by the crowd, lol.
Guess Metallica’s not that popular anymore after the Napster-affair.