Pro Napster - Anti Metallica Flash movie

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Just a great link to anti mettalica / pro napster flash flick…hilarious.

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Link didn’t work for me…anyway you can find it here:

camp chaos web-cartoons and film studio

Woops! 404 - Holy shit!

Hey now. We’re sorry but the page you’re looking for no longer exists.
It’s been vaporized by tiny Italian gnomes called The D’Areola Brothers.
If you want to avoid being vaporized as well, you’d
do well to go to our main page and watch some hilarious cartoons.

I think they’re watching everything placed here… It’s gone, as soon as u posted it…

Whoops…it’s just the source link that didn’t work…the other one worked fine…

Hmm, never mind, the link in the post above is good, and if u r lazy and don’t want 2 click twice, click here:

Beer… GOOD
Napster… BAD

Whahaha, like metallica sux big time yeah

Fuck all those money greedy retardz who make money by screaming and smashing guitars and drums to pieces… Where I come from they send you to the “farm” for doing shit like that…