Pro Logic recievers


I have a DVD, VCR and a SAT reciever. I wan’t to use the standard RCA cable analog audio out from these devices and connect them to a reciever and get the 5.1, ( I realize I would need to be playing/watching something that has the 5.1 encoding (like any DVD)

I purchased an inexpensive RCA 5.1 reciever. I couldn’t get the rear channel to work when using analog audio outputs from my DVD and SAT. After reading the manual, I learned it would only use the 5.1 if I was using the digital outputs from my dvd and sat.

I have another prologic reciever/dvd that can take the analog audio out from my TV and decode the 5.1. I am confused. Do I need a better reciever? or do I need a better DVD and SAT box


an RCA cble like this one
would not be able to transfer six channel audio it’s only capable of stereo. To connect your dvd to the reciever and get 5.1 sound you’ll have to use a coaxial spdif cable or an optical one. Or if your dvd has a built in decoder it can output each cannel individualy. I’ve never heard of a vcr with surround sound so I can’t help you there the sat should be hooked up like the dvd.
And I’d say that the other reciever probably just mirrored the front and played it in the surround speakers (or upmixed it) but it’s not “true” 5.1