Pro-ject Phono Box II USB

Ok so I bought the USB Box to plug in my Project turntable, connected it to my Sony Vaio laptop. Have been a user of Wavelab5 for many years so thought that ideal for recording and restoring vinyl.

Set record on Wavelab (having set the source to USB Codec) and the signal is displayed and recording can start.

Problem is the recording level, its way too high…how can I lower it to a level that doesnt clip. Since its USB I cant access the recording level control in wavelab.

Have tried Audacity and that doesnt work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before i throw the box in the bin!




according to the description I found on the product website, there seems to be a MM/MC selection switch. Are you sure it is properly set?


Hi Michael,

Yeah checked that one, I have it set correctly.

thanks for your reply



Another idea:
I guess, this thingy is recognised as “USB Audio” device. Then there should be a mixer present (rec only) that should allow you to adjust the rec level. This has to be adjusted separately using the speaker icon in the tray, since many recording apps don’t have options to adjust the rec level.

I have a Terratec Phono Preamp USB, that needs to be adjusted that way also. No manipulation of rec level from within the recording application.