Pro Evolution Soccer 4

I have recently bought PES4 but it will not work on my PC.
All that happens is the light flashes on the front of my PC and the disk spins.
From reading various websites I am thinking that it may be due to the Securom copy protection.
Any thoughts? Any ideas how I can get the game to work?

the securom is a bit buggy but usually it locks because of virtual drives in your system created by alcohol 120 , daemon tools etc . they must be removed or become invisible to the securom in the way mentioned in the post about ‘how to kill securom’ or something like that you can do a search in the forum

Found the kill securom thread. Didnt work.

I havent got Alcohol 120 or Daemon tools on my PC, all I have for copying stuff is Nero that was installed when I bought it.

The plot thickens, had an email from Securom who say that their protection shouldnt stop the drive reading the disk?!?!?!?

How recent did you buy the game/What condition is the media in? What drive are you reading it from?

SecuROM is re-noun for rejecting legit copies of the game.

bought the game a week ago. Not a mark on the disk
I am reading it from a TSST corp CD/DVDW TS-H552B

I have never heard of that brand drive.
Did you tell SecuROM which drive you used when you emailed them.

I have no probs with PES4 here btw.
But I use a JLMS XJ-HD 166S DVD Reader.


Its made by Samsung apparently. It was fitted on the PC when I bought it.
Have told Securom about it but still nothing works

Hi Dream Police,

Just humour me here - try uninstalling NERO and see if it works?