Pro Disc's DVD - Any good?

Friend of mine said these are very good, that pioneer certified.?

they are average quality, but some batches are pretty bad, especially the R03. They are good for general purpose.

I wouldn’t waste my time, Prodisc suck. I’ve had a bunch, always mediocre.

I’ve had a spindle of ProDiscF01s branded as Fuji 8x DVD-R and although they didn’t scan AMAZINGLY well (I’ve NEVER had an AMAZING scan actually), they scanned decently well. Nothing that my standalone couldn’t read and it was consistent in every burn. With all the CRAP media that is floating around, I would be more than happy to have another batch of Prodiscs. Don’t overburn either. These scan well at the rated 8x speed.

I will buy prodisc media if and only if they are 1/2 the price of TY and MCC. If they are only a few dollars cheaper, than I would rather pay more for TY and MCC. Putting it this way, hope that helps

They had one media that was very solid, S03. When they discontinued that one, they seemed to sell anything they could get and you would never know which of 8 media codes you would get. Even Rima told me they were fed up. Some codes were really trash and some were MCC. As well, they had a very bad batch of printable white surface media in Canada. Some came apart in the drive ( I saw pictures).

As stated above, they are mediocre at best and only worth considering if they are very cheap. When you can get Verbatim 8X for $30 from Amazon, there is just no point in wasting time on Prodisc.


Had 100 F01’s and 50 R03’s - they all sucked - you could never tell if a disc was good or bad - until you burned a movie backup and 90% thru the movie it would pixelate and freeze up-

IMO - buy some Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden for a couple extra pennies - you will be glad you did - and believe it or not probably money ahead at the end of the spindle-


I’ll definately second that. I quit trying to use the cheap crap over a year ago, and I’ve already noticed a savings by not having to reburn degraded media, or making coasters. It’s fujifilm MIJ, Verbatim 16x, or Taiyo Yuden only for me…

I had the same problem, bought ProdiskF01 rebadged as Memorex. I would burn the movie, scanned ok then 90% though it would do as Mike said. I think it was my dvd player that was picky with this media. Paid the same for them as I have paid for TY rebadged Fuji (this was before I knew better).

IMO why torture yourself with poor media when you can get good media for the same price or a few cents more. It’s just not worth the headache.

I wouldn’t buy these unless they were $10 or less for a 100 pack.
And after buying them, I would only burn unimportant stuff on them.

I concur. Unless you are getting some rediculously good deal on them (ie $10 or less per 100 discs) then I wouldn’t touch it. As mentioned above there is media that is far better for the price. TY and MCC can be had for $30 or less if you keep an eye on specials.

Paradoxical, yet true.

Just to back up everyone else, S03’s were great, F01’s I have to slow down to 4x to get a decent burn on, which still isn’t as good as a 4x burn on an S03 would be.

I just burned the last of my S03s last week. When I saw Prodiscs heading into the toilet I stocked up. Fortunately, the TYG01s are now selling for the same price as the old Prodiscs and Verbatim 8X are as well. Too bad they are gone, but the replacements are better and priced the same.

I would disagree with some of you about Prodisc. Not and have no intention to start a media war. I find my Memorex Prodisc +R is actually better than TY, MCC, MXL. See the scans, they were all burned using NEC 3500 2.C8.

Nowadays in this corporate controlled media society, with all citizens are being brainwashed, the best way is to try it yourself. By the way, I am not affilated with Memorex or Prodisc at all, I work for MSFT.

Just my 2cents.

A few error rate scans from one user and one DVD Burner is hardly proof that they are better. As a whole people have had better luck with TY than Prodisc (I certainly have) in terms of compatibility and durability. Also you have to factor in that Prodisc is known for varrying quality from batch to batch. You could get several batches that are great but then end up getting a streak of bad luck, that and you never know when the manufacturer is going to switch to a different dye and what sort of quality you are going to get once it switches.

your scans on TY and MCC discs are questionable. I’ve seen bad scan of TY and MCC, but not that bad. I do not believe that those TY and MCC were burnt on the NEC drive even @ overspeeding, it still doesn’t look that bad on an NEC drive

Do you two work for Karl Rove?

Yo HomerJSimpsons-

To each his own - Please buy all the Prodisc product that you want - they are afterall Pioneer Certified…

However - folks trying to learn about good vs. poor medias should read all the posts and then make their own buying decisions - eh?


Hey guys, if we jump on everyone who posts here and start doubting their credibility we will drive anyone from this forum who has a difference of opinion.

I find nothing in the scans above I haven’t seen before. I would hardly see anything to cause me to doubt them. I have seen Prodisc that works just fine and I also have seen some that is worse than Princo. All this means is they are inconsistent. Ritek has been this way for a while and we certainly don’t jump on people who like Ritek. Some of the best scans I ever had were from Ritek R03; the next batch wouldn’t burn on anything I owned with decent results.

Relax guys. People will figure things out without making it personal.