Private Napster-like club



I just posted the article Private Napster-like club.

ZDNet has an article about a program wich is like napster but only for certain users…

File-swapping gets its own private club on Wednesday.

NewYork-based startup GlobeDrive plans to unveil a…

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i like it


I know this probably mightbe a stupid thing to say but to me this sounds very different from just running your own server program. It basically sounds like it is a server for idiots type thing


this sounds like a gnutella private network copy, anywayz you can already do this type of file sharing with PGP which has serious security


sounds good just like nila say like running a server for dummy`s…

but i like the idea of it secret groups enz enz
I wanna be inveited!!


Count me in !!!


I for one don’t like it, it’s elitist, and i feel that’s never been the spirit of all of this, I think i’ll turn down any invites s and hope that more public peer to peer programs emerge…besides, if you’re in a group with a huge fan base and the raii comes along, they’re going to bust the company if they come along and you’re in some small group with not many members that gets leaked, then they might as well bust you.


hmmm. just dont invite ne BSA scum… :smiley:


That may not be a bad thing,
at least there’s more possibility that Scouring and DL…

It’s the first one to use password beside FTP and that’s a good thing…

The main pb of Napster was to become famous by newbie, and not having any password or security and anonymous features…

Don’t know if u can trade other files than mp3 though…



Guess who got access :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, just kiddin, sounds kinda cool though…