Private message problem



I cant seem to access my private messages. Every time I click on the private message option in the list of forums I am taken to a blank page with nothing on it except for the two ads that are on top. What is going on? Thanks for any help.


Most likely it is something on your end of the connection.
I just checked your settings and PMs are enabled for you.
I re-confirmed these settings, so perhaps you should try again now.

What you can also do is try it from different computers…


Whats really weird is that I can access the messages in the evening but not in the morning. I was able to check the messages yesterday at 8PM EST but not now.


Just a quick question about PMs: isn’t private messaging on the board it enabled for all members? I’m just assuming it is… Could someone clarify this?



An user can choose not to receive PMs…
But it is enabled by default.


Re: what FlyingDutchman said i have had some wierd problems posting long replys on this board on Saturday and Sunday afternoons :eek: and i have no idea why, because new threads were fine - very odd.