Private Folders?

Hello everyone,

I have two harddrives C: and E:, (windows and programs are all on C:) (Media and big files all on E:). Now i have put some of my folders on the E: drive but i wanna make sure only my user can access them and no other user on this computer can log onto there account and go into my computer and then E: and then one of my folders and have access to the files.

Now i know when you have things in my documents you can right click>properties>sharing>make folder private, but you cant do that on things outside my documents.

If no one can think of a way, maybe someone can reccommend a small program that puts passwords on files???

Cheers in advance


Right click folder, properties, click sharing tab, tick ‘make this folder private’

Thanks, but i tried that, its greyed out :frowning:

You have to own the folder. That’s on the next tab…

Errmmmm… the next tab is ‘customize’??? I cant see where set it to your ownership there??

oh ok, i had to disable “simple file sharing” and now “security” tab is there, still i dont understand how to only let my user have access…

Please advise

You don’t have to only let your user have access. Once you own the folder, you can make it private (that little option will no longer be greyed out).

Yeah thing isnt greyed out, and i have selected dont share, but other users still have access (ihave checked), i am pretty sure all that “sharing” tab is for a network???

Cheers for your replies

Have a read of this

Here’s some freeware, but it is limited

Its alrite guys, i went into the sercurity tab and removed everyone user name apart from mine and admininstrator (just incase). Works fine

THanks everyone