Privacy patches?

As you may know, when burning a DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW the brand, model and
unique serial number of your drive can be written to the disc. Although
this can sometimes be useful, it also can be used to prove that a given
disc has been written by a given drive, which I find quite disturbing.
Are there any efforts spent to remove this from firmwares of PC burners ?

Doing so would be difficult without good information. Do you have any details on where the information is written or any technical documentation?

I think it’s a good idea to ask this question in the forums where the people who made the 2x4all firmares are reading…

I talked to >NIL: about it… He’d look into it, but needs information.

The drive serial number can actually be stored in
several locations on the disc. With DVD-R(W),
you can find it in the RMA lead-in and RMD
Field 1. For DVD+R(W), it is stored in the DCBs
of the inner and outer identification zones. If
you need more infos, pm me.

PM sent. Please send ALL information that you may have.