Privacy help

i really want to buy clonedvd and anydvd but i am afraid my privacy being let out if i give out my credit card information is there any other way then a credit card,or is it safe to give that information out for them types of programs,please help :rolleyes:

After extensive research on the topic I decided it was only necessary for credit card usage. It is not illegel to own the program. I would say your safe and have nothing to worry about. Im sure they would take a money order or what ever other form of payment you have and you can hide the address like a dead body if worried. I let the sale pass because I want to try the program for a few days to make sure it works on my system. (something I still need to do) Ill most likley get it next sale around. Problem is I have nothing to test it with. So I guess ill have to get a movie with some real protections in it. :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly safe and is the preferred method for payment on the internet. Payment gateways are always protected by SSL. If you still have reservations and are paranoid, use a card which has a very low usage limit. Most people do that for internet purchases. Just make sure your computer is not infected by any viruses/trojans/keyloggers/spyware crap :eek:

Bounce7769 your question is very hard to answer and I can understand you’re worried about your privacy. Yes it’s very important to protect your privacy because it could quiet easily end up in the wrong hands, it also depends on what part of the world you live in! If you live in some 3 rd world country like Afghanistan, Australia or China I don’t think you have a lot to worry about having a program like Clone DVD from the RIAA or MPAA. If you live in the US! Well we all know the length they will go to, to track people down take them to court and sue them. If I lived there (US) I would try and not leave any trail by using a credit card, it so easy to track you down if you use a credit card. But in the end it’s up to you, if you like the program and want to buy it you might have to use your credit card or find somebody else with one and ask them to pay for it and you can give them the money for it in unmarked paper bills, that way you and your privacy are safe.

What about just using a visa gift card? I have never tried using one for an onlene purchase, but aren’t they suposed to work just like a regular visa card?

As far as I know they do, a buddy of mine bought a “rechargeable” visa card at Walgreens, and uses it for online purchases. They give you your card number, CCV code, and PIN when you buy it, then mail you the actual card with your name on it. You can use the card for online purchases as soon as you leave Walgreens by using the numbers they give you, then use it anywhere as soon as you receive the actual card in the mail. You just go to Walgreens (Maybe other places as well) to add more money to your card. :iagree: