Privacy aware search engine DuckDuckGo reports exponential growth due Snowden revelations



We’ve just posted the following news: Privacy aware search engine DuckDuckGo reports exponential growth due Snowden revelations[newsimage][/newsimage]

Search engine DuckDuckGo is exponentially growing after revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to CEO Gabe Weinberg in an interview with CNBC. The search engine targets privacy aware users and doesn’t store IP addresses or other personal information, nor does it make profiles of its users.

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That’s pretty much the same approach that [B][/B] uses. Likewise for [B][/B], which is similar to startpage (and run by the same comany), except startpage only delivers results from Google, while ixquick delivers results from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and Gigablast (and possibly others). Both engines do so without storing or revealing your anything that can identify you (not even your IP Address).

Also [B][/B], claims to do the same. However, one user has written a comment on the firefox extention, “[B]This plugin should enhance security, but in fact is doing quite opposite. Disconnect-search is regularly uploading plugin settings and usage data, along with unique user ID, browser Agent string and IP address not only
to the developers website, but to third parties as well (amazon servers
of unknown account and adobe stats servers).[/B]” IDK whether this claim is true (it seems to go against Diconnect’s own privacy statement), so use with caution.

Anyway,,, and all refuse to track users, use strong encryption, and value the users’ privacy, making them awesome.