Privacy advocate wants Google Apps shutdown

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In a push that’s likely to receive little to no traction, an advocacy group for Internet privacy has asked the Federal Trade Commission to temporarily shut down Gmail and other Google apps.


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Man!! That’s plain silly!! I’m officially DEAD if my Gmail is shut down! even for a day!!!

They are either complete morons, M$ salesmen, or just kidding!!

Google has always been a big violator of privacy laws, and has largely gotten away with it due to PR or fanboyism, I mean really check your cookies after using or if you use firefox check the cookies set by google, they set a cookie to track your every activity till 2019, couple that with a gmail account and the popularity of google statistics and you pretty much have a company knowing every thing you do on the net and no one regulating them

Google really is a nightmare when it comes to privacy, they know it, but since they are exploiting it they wont care or do a thing, when you really analyze it google is far more dangerous than MS, because they collect lots more of personal information than MS

I think they are not kidding however google will get away with this one after all they are google, right???

Google apps are free to the users, so they should get to make their own choice on whether to use them or not. Perhaps a warning should be displayed, but any further action would be unjustifiable

Google far more dangerous than M$? Why? Because you say so?

Since you are so worried, you should explain exactly why my privacy is being taken away by Google. And while at it, explain why other Internet players, big and small, are not doing the same or worse.

Basically you flame Google and don’t explain anything at all. Just FUD.

And in related news…They also ask Apple to stop selling Ipods…common really, I don’t think it matters how dangerous Google’s privacy is with their apps…believing that they will be shutdown because of it, is like believing that Apple is going to stop selling Ipods.