Prison name

dr.gee=deep throat :frowning: :eek:


I Got ‘Butt Blaster’…
Better not get close to me, or i will Blast your butt, MWAHAHAHA…


Da Taxman = Double Fisted


packetloss = Turd Burglar

my real name = Commie Girl …WTF?

Screw’s Choice

The Gerbil

Real name = Golden Boy

I hope they don’t mean: Golden shower Boy. :eek: :frowning:

Donkey Schlong

I’m Soap Jockey :slight_smile:

Womble = Fat Boy
Real Name = Hung Muther???

Jizz Mouth

Monty Burns = Whore
Montgomery Burns = Deep Throat
Charles Montgomery Burns = Wannabe

Nice ones! :Z

There you go :stuck_out_tongue:

The Beaver or Queenie… hmm…

Dee-27 = Goo Gobbler :eek:

you could have:

“Jizz Mouth”, “Needle Dick”, “Bung Boy”,“Cornholio”, “Ben Dover”, “Gummer”, “Catcher’s Mitt”, “He Bitch”, “Mangina”, “Man Hole”, “Howard Sperm”, “Tiny Hiney”, “Dirt Devil”, “Nappy Hole”, “B.F. Goodlick”, “Chin Painter”, “Skin Flautist”, “Fudge Packer”, “Ass Master”, “Fruit Loop”, “Skidmarks”,“The Beaver”, “Golden Boy”, “The Recptacle”, “Goo Gobbler”, “Stroker”, “Queenie”, “The Scatmaster”, “The Wanker”, “Butt Whore”, “Lips”, “Turd Burglar”, “Soap Jockey”, “Moustache Girl”, “Wannabe”, “Mayonaise Queen”, “Butt Blaster”, “Donkey Schlong”, “Hung-Like-A-Horse”, “Deep Throat”, “Bowel Boy”, “3 Dollar Bill”, “Screw’s Choice”, “Famous Anus”, “Tush Taster”, “The Rear Queer”, “Bruce”, “Honey Hole”, “Rump Ranger”, “Ankle Grabber”, “Dirtbox Demon”, “The Gerbil”, “Butt Slammer”, “Pillow Biter”, “Shirt Lifter”, “Liberace”, “Cream of Meat”, “Skank Cunt”, “Mouth-Mangler”, “Commie Girl”, “The Perv”, “Hung Muther”, “Shower Stalker”, “Heywood Djeblomi”, “Fist Fucker”, “The One-Eyed Ogre”, “Horse Hung Harry”, “Squealing Piglet”, “Queer Johnny”, “Boy Bitch”, “Fat Boy”, “Whore”, “Dildo Head”, “Nut Buster”, “Cum Stain”, “Glory Hole”, “Finger Fucker”, “Backroom Baller”, “Double Fisted”, “Skankster”, “Count Suckula”, “The Undertaker”, “The Piss Guzzler”, “Shit Eater”, “Gotti’s Boy”, “Jailhouse Cock”, “Wish Bone”, “Fudge Sucker”, “Fuck Stick”, “Rim Shot”, “Ass Eater”

anyway, i cant post for a few weeks/months to reduce my post count to below 20 (as DoMi said)

cya soon… maybe


:eek: Finger F*cker :eek: =Norty69er
:confused: Bruce… with my real name

Finger Fu=ker
real name = Fruit Loop