Printing Troubles

When I print something from my computer (non-internet) everything is fine. When I print an internet page the whole right side is cut off. What do I need to change so I have a complete page?
Thanks! :o

You can change the settings in your browsers print preview, you’ve there an option to resize it to your page at least in firefox or opera.

Print preview/page setup shows all margins are set at 0.75in., zoom at 75%, orientation at portrait, paper size at letter, paper source at automatic, header and footer on. There’s also a picture of the page and everything is inside the dotted lines. The print preview before the page setup still shows the edge cut off. I’ll see if I can find something in internet tools or maybe I missed something in page setup.

Look at the printer properties in control panel…are you sure the IP4200 hasn’t set itself to print to international-standard A4 paper size…could be part of your problem.

Printer propeties in control panel shows a list of paper sizes the printer can handle, but I don’t see where to change paper style or size within that window. In page setup I have it set to letter.
Printer is a Lexmark X1150.

What’s japanese postcard residue and would that be the problem?

Is there a shrink to fit option in your printer setting? If so use this to make the pages fit. It is how I do it.

I have noticed this on the printer at the office, but here on mine it seems to be set correctly. See the attached screen shot of our current page…I just selected Print Preview and this is what I get:

I get the exact same look on screen, but the page prints with the right side cut off. It still leaves a 0.75in. margin, but I lose some words or pics. I’m going to see if I can fix it with fit to page, if I can find it. I know I’ve seen it.

i dont use opera or firefox, but are you able to print preview? on ie you can and then select fit whole page.

Tried fit whole page. It still cuts off the right side. I also found fit to page. It only seems to work when I scan or copy. I think I might uninstall the software and reinstall it. Guess it’s worth a try and won’t take long.

Well that didn’t work. Guess I’ll contact Lexmark and see what they have to say.
Thanks to everyone. I’ll check back later. Might be some more thoughts.

Lexmark’s tech support lists the margins to be set at 0.25in. I changed margins, but still cuts off right side. However, I can see more of the banners and words. Almost there I guess.