Printing to Adobe Acrobat


Apologies upfront for my newbie status and any gaffes that may come as a result of it. Candidly, this is the first time I have posted on a forum. Desperate I am for help.

I am having problems printing to Adobe Acrobat. Here is, what I believe to be, the pertinent information. I have an PC running Microsoft Windows XP, Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. As a sub-contractor for a college, I was provided with a computer that was loaded with a wealth of software including Adobe CS2. Bundled in CS2 is Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. This nifty package of software was synchronized so that I could print Illustrator and InDesign files to a PDF. It was a very simple process. When working with, let’s say, Illustrator, I could simply hit File>Print and from the print dialog box I could choose either my Epson printer or Adobe PDF.

Early this year I downloaded a trial version of Adobe 8.0. Decided I didn’t need it and deleted it from my program files. Now I can no longer print to PDF in Acrobat 7.0. Can’t print any PDFs directly and instead have to go through a much more convoluted process to create a PDF, downsize it and such. I would like to go back to printing directly to a PDF.

I have tried to find appropriate answers to this dilemma on the Adobe support site. No luck. Does anyone out there know how I might fix this problem?

Thanks so much.

Hi and Welcome!

Your testing of Acrobat 8 damaged your previous installation. You need to reinstall your old version using the install disc.

I personally use PDF creator, which is a free solution available here:
Works basically the same way since it is also a virtual printer that is installed.


has a software today 4/2/2008 that will print to .pdf.
It might be a good temporary solution.
I will add a little to mciahel’s suggestion.I would do an uninstall of Acrobat 7.0. \reboot then install Acrobat 7.0. from the disc.Then test .Reboot
If this fails uninstall it again.reboot
If you still have it install the trial version of Adobe 8.0. again.If not DL it again & install it.Reboot.Then instead of deleting it from you Program Files use it’s uninstall.exe.Reboot.This should properly uninstall the trial version of Adobe 8.0.
If it doesn’t have an uninstall.exe(usually just an uninstall option) Contact Adobe of the correct way to uninstall the trial version of Adobe 8.0.
Once properly uninstalled then install Acrobat 7.0. from the disc.Reboot.
On Adobe Reader 7 the Adobe Reader 7.0.9.msi when selected offers to repair or uninstall.Maybe Adobe Acrobat 7 & 8 have a simular .msi file that will uninstall.