Printing sofwate that lets you actually print the size that you want (NOT for disc labels)?

I need normal software for A4 paper, etc. not for discs.

OK, so Windows’ built-in printing software is crap. I want to print something a certain size and it wont let me, just a page, half, quarter, ninth but no exact sizes FFS.

So I need some simple - free surely? - printing software that wil allow me to print at whatever size I want, be it the size of the photo or a pre-defined size that I want it to scale to.

Can anyone help me on this?:flower:

If I want to adjust the size of a printout I usually do it in the printer driver software.

Not free, but I’ve used a print driver called FinePrint for years now (bought it for ~$20 US to print graphs 4 up on my printer). You can define custom paper sizes, print multiple pages per sheet, booklets, etc. Haven’t tried it for scaling images, but it probably can.