Printing problems using Nero Cover Designer and PressIt labelling kit

Can anyone help? Sooo frustrated!!

Spent a fair amount of time creating a cd insert (standard template, completing only the front booklet, inlay and disc label), but can’t get it aligned correctly for printing on PressIt inserts / labels. I have tried the following within Nero Cover Designer:

  • Selecting the appropriate paper stock from 1)File\Paper Stocks, 2) File\Preferences and 3)File\Print\Elements
  • Calibrating my printer from File\Preferences\Printing (only turned out to be ~0.5mm out on the horizontal axis, so I left it as it was!)
  • Reading the Nero tutorials, as well as the FAQs / “Newbie” threads on this forum

However, printing is still way out. The front booklet print preview shows the image as left aligned on the page, when the PressIt inserts are centrally aligned (only the inlay printed out as expected - more luck than judgement I think!). As for the cd labels, it looks OK on the preview but prints out at least 1.5cm too high.

Even tried importing my design from within the PressIt software supplied but it appears you can only import “images”, not the .ncd files I created. Simple “Copy/Paste” function doesn’t work either.

I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this problem, but being a “Newbie” myself…!!!

The actual print medium seems to be set ONLY from the dropdown on the title bar.

Quite what the others do, I don’t know - I’ve poked around the “File - Paper stocks” for ages without figuring out what the hell it does?

If one of the Nero guys is looking, the other thing I’ve never found (which some other programs can do) is anticlockwise text - the sort you’d use at the bottom edge of “one way up” kind of layout.

Ok, thanks - managed to sort out the front booklet and repeat the success with the inlay, just the disc label now! How do you realign for these? Tried your suggestion of just using the title bar dropdown menu but it’s still set at ~1.5cm too high. If there’s anyone else out there who can contribute, this would be great, the more responses the better. [Also tried contacting the Company behind ExPressIt, but got a very unhelpful answer!]