Printing problem Nero Cover Design 2 V2730

A friend of mine is having a problem when he tries to print out a DVD inlay cover, the problem is, when the cover has printed out the print out seems too small and the result of this is that when they are placed in the dvd box the cover is too short on the left and right side. My friend does not have this problem with the previous version of the cover design program and also when he prints cd covers these print out perfectly, the problem only seems to be on dvd inlay covers. He has checked his paper size and it is set on to A4, which is correct for him as that is the size of paper he is using. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I use Easy Media Cover to do mine and have for over a year and a half with no issues.
Here is a link for you to download it.
Luvs Jenni

It’s a bug of the latest Nero 7 version. Funny thing is (not so funny actually… :rolleyes: ) that I tried printing a dvd label with another application, (which worked just fine up to that moment) and I experienced the exact same problem! So Nero manages to f*** your system up.
Switch back to the previous version (your friend, anyway). I did, and it works fine now.

Anyone encountered this problem too? It’s still there. It might be a incompatibility with the printer drivers, I use an older HP officejet d series all-in-one. The printouts come out a bit smaller and cropped.