Printing on DVD's

Hey, I have a dvd collection of around 300 discs, and constantly getting more. I backup all of my discs on Ritek Printable DVD+R’s whihc I bought from here -
(Scroll down until you get until to {DV 3189}) Now about 200 of my DVD’s are backed up onto this disk, and about 50 are backed up to the same disc, but they are not Full face printable, But are printable. The other 50 are backed up to DVD+R’s that are not printable, But they’re not a problem right now.

I want to print proper CD Covers onto my CD’s. I have looked at some cover websites, and the best one so far is

I looked around for a printer and cartridges and found one on bigpockets.
Printer -

The cartridges are BOGOF so I think I’m getting a good deal…

My questions are-

  1. Will this printer do the job I want?
  2. How much discs will the cartridiges be able to print. I need to print at least 300 discs.
    3)The DVD’s I have now have been written on with a TDK DVD Marker pen in black. Will this affect the printing?

That’s all I can think of now. Any more general advice or tips on how to go about this kind of thing. Thank’s for reading this long post, and Thans in advance for your help :smiley:

I have the Epson R300 and use it all the time to print DVD’s. brilliant, it comes with a CD/DVD print utility that allows you to put your ownstuff on the disc or use scanned / downloaded images, I don’t know the R200 but expect it’s just a bit slower, the R300 (new) is £100. Hope this helps

As far as printing capabilities and inks, there is absolutely no speed difference in the printing and they both use the same cartridges. The differences are a few features like card readers built in thats it.

The 200 prints at the same DPI as the 300, which looks and does very well, the 200 is just the featureless version as it goes thats all.

you can compare the two at the epson website

Yeah, I’ve compared the R200 and R300, and decided to go for the R200. Thanks for the replies, But can anyone answer my questions? Thanks.

Note- Just wanted to add anotehr question

Are the discs I specified ok for use with the R200?