Printing on a cd



hello peeps,

ok at present i have designed a cd for a freinds band, and printed it out on silver printable cd, using a epson rx560, now the print looks fantastic, but getting the cd wet by accident by rain drop on my finger i smuged the cd design i had on this, checking further is because the ink is water based as most injet printers are, so i thought is there a way around this.

so peeps can i use a cheap alternative to making a cd i printed, water sealed, for some odd reason i thought about hairspray (have not tried it yet) as i remember using hairspray to coat a pencil drawing in the past.

i know of all the high end laminates etc etc, but money is tight was even looking at some type of paint sealer for plastic, but i would have to be able to spray it on, so any ideas or help please.

Thx for your input


Canons have oil based inks afaik in the chromalife inks but alot more money ive dishwashered a disk printed by the canon it faded a bit but nothing major shame the disk was rendered unusable from the heat lol :slight_smile: and welcome to the forums , the laminating spray would work


so using hairspary would work, or look for a specific lamentating spray, and thx for welcome


If it’s a spray finish you want, the clear acrylics are the way to go. Your art supply and hobby stores carry a range of such things. Be aware that a poorly sprayed finish can ruin a CD due to over-spray and dripping onto the data side of the disc. Never use an oil-based spray like clear lacquer. Some sprays will tend to bleed the inkjet inks, but acrylic does not.

The Epson inks are more likely to smear and spot, but no inkjets are immune to this. They are all water based inks, either dye or pigment.

The only printable disc that even approaches being moisture resistant is the TY Watershield discs, but these are white, not silver.


If you go to an art supply store, you can look at the option of “Workable Fixative” that will hold the image and not have that glossy sheen


thx for all the info