Printing/Labelling Methods - what do you use?



Since this is the Printing/Labelling forum, I thought I’d ask - what’s your preferred way to decorate or label your discs and why?

Poll is multiple-choice. :slight_smile:


Usually just CD/DVD marker pen.

Occasionally DiscT@2 on the data side.

Rarely LightScribe.

Labelflash once so far (didn’t vote for that one).


Me too on the good ol’ marker pen for 99.9% of my discs :iagree:

I may LightScribe if there’s a special reason for it, e.g. a gift for someone. But very rarely.

I have an Epson R265, but I can honestly say I’ve never used it for printing discs - the tray etc is just too fiddly for me.


Usually go for the Sharpie to hand-label the disc [or a pen if I’m labeling printable discs]. My handwriting is usually good enough.

Rarely do I LightScribe, and although I have the discs for it, I’ve never done a LabelFlash-label.

Then there are times that I just slide the disc in a paper sleeve and write on an index card [or the sleeve itself]. This is when the disc is rarely to be used, or is for someone else for a one-time use [or a surprise gift]. I’ll leave the disc itself without label in those cases.


Just a Sharpie for everyday use.
Printable media and a Canon inkjet if i want it to look good, or photo printable if i want it to look special.
I never bother with LS or LF, it’s to slow and i’m usually disappointed with the result.


Felt-tip pen all the way for me. I used to have the time for printed surfaces but it just isn’t worth the effort.


[QUOTE=imkidd57;2165553]Felt-tip pen all the way for me. [/QUOTE]

You are talking about the permanent variety, not the kind that come in those packs for kids, right? :bigsmile:

Sorry, when I read “felt-tip pen” (a term I haven’t heard in years BTW), that’s what sprang to mind :wink:


[QUOTE=imkidd57;2165553]Felt-tip pen all the way for me. I used to have the time for printed surfaces but it just isn’t worth the effort.[/QUOTE]

The same for me, and also lightsctibe if i need to write and audio cd (not for me).

DiscT@2 for fun.


I only use a sharpie if I don’t have time to find/scan/create something to inkjet on, or if it’s just a quick burn that I’m NOT keeping.


Sharpie for general stuff.
Direct-print with Canon inkjet for music and movies.


SHARPIE more than anything, but I have done some LS on music and movies. I just got an Epson RX680. I will be fooling around with injet printing but the thermal printing I desire is way to expensive for the printers.


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2171202]SHARPIE more than anything, but I have done some LS on music and movies. I just got an Epson RX680. I will be fooling around with injet printing but the thermal printing I desire is way to expensive for the printers.[/QUOTE]
Try some TY Watershields with the Epson…
I’ll bet you will forget about LightScribe :cool:


I used a sharpie up till recently then I started using lightscribe :a man that was infuriating and fustrating :sad: i am going back to a sharpie


I haven’t tried LS or LF before but I think I must spend a lot of money to buy a drive which can print image on disks. Why don’t we save our money by using a simple pen … just a few bucks…

Can LS and LF print image on both sides of the disk ? What is the different between LS and LF ?

:smiley: Just curios 'cause surely I won’t use LS or LF. Ultimate Sharpie !


I use DTD inkjet printing for all my professional and family discs, but use a sharpie for masters and my own stuff…


I use Inkjet Printables for all my Personal Movie backups.

For Music backups though I use a Sharpie.


Now that i have a Yamaha CRW-F1 CD-R/W i can Disc T@2 CD-R’s. I also use my Pioneer 215L to Disc T@2 DVD’s.

I have 3 or 4 LightScribe drives and LightScribe CD-R and DVD media and use them at times for the monochrome CD’s and DVD’s for backups. I have some multicolored LightScribe CD-R’s that come out pretty kewls.

I have an Epson R320 (and an Epson RX680 which i haven’t installed yet) to print on CD-R’s and DVD’s. Takes no time to scan a CD or DVD and load the image in the printing apps and either LightScribe or print on them. Once you get it down it’s fast and easy.

When LightScribing i just read here,surf, or do something else while it’s burning. Printing on discs only takes a few minutes. Disc T@2ing is fairly quick also.

For some backups i’ll even print sleeves for regular cases but most go in regular jewel cases or slim cases. When i print sleeves and discs it’s hard to tell which is the retail one. I really like the TY WaterShield DVD’s. I want to try out the TY silver printable CD-R’s someday. CDan says they print on really nice. I also use TY hub printable CD-R and DVD’s.

And lastly i do use a Sharpie for everyday stuff that will end up in the trash or the shredder.

I have yet to buy any LabelFlash discs but i’d like to grab a few and try them out.

I just ordered some Verbatim dark blue AZO CD-R’s to see how they look for Disc T@2 but i have not received them yet.

As for the apps i use, Epson CD Print, Surething CD Labeler Deluxe 5 (for lightscribing and printing sometimes), Labelflash Index Maker (for Disc T@2 with my Pioneer 215L), and Nero :doh:(for Disc T@2 with my Yamaha for CD-R’s). Another reason for Nero 5 is it also works for AMQR CD-R burning with my Yamaha. The bad thing about it is, i like using Vi$ta 64 bit and i have to use my XP Pro 32 bit with my dual boot setup for Nero 5.

Hey what can i say, it’s a hobby for me, i’m a CD/DVD Freak, and it keeps me out of trouble :bigsmile:


I use an Epson 1400 inkjet, and printing DVDs is all I use the printer for.


I use a Staedtler permanent marker for most stuff for myself but if it’s for a friend or something like that I LightScribe. I just a Canon iP4500 out of Canada (tray included :D) to try inkjetting right on disks but I haven’t done any yet.

EDIT: Yay! My 50th post!


i use a glossy fullface dvd label from meritline. i use epson 1400 for printing it and i’m satisfied with it. very nice very glossy the only error i get is from burning process and NOT cause of the sticky label i applied on the disc. i get my design at and the best software i use is DVDFab never let me down yet.