Printing folder directory contents

I have a folder that contains 100’s of my full CD MP3’s. Is there a way to print on paper these folder names all at once or maybe import the folder names into MS word or something ??? I need to have a list of my CD collection on paper.

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in Command prompt (DOS)
Dir /S /N >file.txt

In the directory you can then open file.txt to see all filenames, including the ones in the subdirectories…

If I recall correctly

DOS sigh

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It worked out great.


ThanX Ghosters :bow: , that little tool was exactly what I was looking for !!!

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Thanks a lot for this tool Ghosters it’s really nice :).

Thanks Ghosters , a great little tool, it will save me a lot of time. man you are like a Encyclopaedia even better than Gooogle, keep up the good work

if you want a tree view, try the dos command:




to view also filenames under each folder


to view tree as ascii art.

good old dos, it was great :frowning:

It is and always will be Microsoft’s most stable OS…

When was the last time you put it under some kind of load?

thats a great tool …
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You can also use winamp :

  1. right click on the Add button -> Add directory (add your prefered folder with the mp3’s).
  2. right click on the Misc button -> Generate HTML playlist
  3. print from your web browser

yeah, it is a handy app. the options are why i like it a lot