Printing dvd's

I have seen several posts that refer to “printing Dvd’s”, I don’t know what that means or how to print to a dvd, could someone please explain this process.

Certain types of dvds have a special coating on the top of them. This surface allows you to print labels, even elaborate ones on the dvd.

The two main types of dvd printers that are available are ink jet printers and thermal printers. In the US, Epson seems to have a virtual monopoly on the ink jet printers, due to patents and licensing. You’ll need to buy the type of blank dvds that match your type of printer of course…either inkjet or thermal printable.

To make a label you will need software, and there should be a program that comes with the printer. There are third party programs available also, like CD DVD Label Maker, or Print Designer Gold.

The disk is loaded on a special tray, and is inserted into the printer, much like you load a disk into a dvd drive.

Thanks for the reply, I know on a regular disk it’s a no no to attach labels, with the printable disk there won’t be a problem?

No, there should be no problems with labels printed on the surface of the disks.

I have been using a Epsom R260 for about a year and a half with no problems.
The disc look like store bought.
I use the Taiyo Yuden Water Shield disc myself for excellent results.

I am also using the Epson R260. Its a fairly inexpensive printer (they sell more expensive ones) but the results with this one look great. I’ve had no problems with it.

I use the Epson Print DVD software that came with the printer (you can import your own graphics to the software), and it works fine for me.