Printing DVD covers



I am having trouble printing DVD covers. The problem seems to be that my printer is missing of about 1/10th off one of the sides of the cover.

I have tried several pieces of software and have tried printing on two printers. Therefore I assume it is a problem with the printing margins. However I do not know how to change this so that the whole cover is printed.

NOTE: I am printing on A4 paper, which is ample enough size for printing DVD covers


use cover xp


have you tried dvdcover gold? this is my favorite software to do this.


Is your printer capable of borderless printing. If not, you will have to print to a larger piece of paper, and cut out the image. IE: Print in in the center of 8 x 11 inch paper, and then cut it out.


go to coverxp and download free version , great software


Cover XP is one of the 5 programs I have used to try and sort this issue.

Both printers are Epsons. Not sure if that gives instant indication of boarderless printing capabilities, but I will have to look into that.


I was having a similar problem with nero cover designer: try using it and the solution given by wee as it worked for me.


If you want to print on a simple 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper just simply reconstruct your image size to 7.25 X 10.50 inches make sure your cover is adjusted long ways. This size is scoped for Slim Cases. I use Microsoft Image Pro 9 for this


i just use microsoft word and manually adjust the margins out to 185 cm (horizontal) by 275 cm (vertical) and drag the image out to that size. this measurement is for a standard single dvd case. then i print on letter sized paper.

it might sound complicated, but if you save the template with the correct margins then it’s just a matter of copying the cover to the word document and dragging then printing.

i started doing this when i also had problems with the “easy” programs that do it all for you haha


and for those giving advice on how to print on 8.5" x 11" paper, the original poster has already mentioned he’s using A4 paper which is plenty big enough to print covers on. it’s roughly equivalent to “letter sized” in the US i believe so his paper size shouldn’t be an issue.


Yeah I am printing on A4 size paper, and ideally thats how I would like to keep it.

Jay, I read your thread and the problem you were having was that it was printing portrait. The problem I am having is that it is printing in landscape, as it should, but is missing off a bit.

Although it sounds like a margin problem, it is printing closer to the edge of the paper on one side.


Does it look complete in print preview?