Printing causing scratching on datawrite discs?

I’ve got some datawrite full face printables from svp.

After printing on them with an Canon IP4000 i get circular scratches on the under side of the dvd. (not the side i’ve printed on). It doesn’t do it with verbatium discs.

Has anyone come across this before?. Any ideas why?

A circular scratch would suggest the disc is turning in the tray, but this would also be obvious in the printed image. There’s no way for anything in the printer to touch that side of a disc, so it would have to come from the tray itself, and the disc would have to turn in the tray. In short, I don’t think it’s possible for the printer to be doing this. This assumes that your IP4000 has the same tray as mine, with a solid bottom to the tray…

Yes same tray. Its confusing the hell out of me.
If it was turning the disc the image would be distorted, which it isn’t.

Its leaving 6 equally spaced circles approx 0.5cm apart from centre to edge. The only thing i can think of is when the printhead presses on the disc its somehow revealing the sections of how the disc was manufactured, ???.

{DV 3220} Datawrite Titanium (8x) “Full Face” Printable DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 50

Are these surface scratches that do not exist after the disc is burned? Then you put the burned disc into the printer and the surface scratches appear?
Some media will have “bands” in the dye that result from the burning speed zones.
Very strange indeed. :confused:

I’ve only printed TY and Prodisc.

Grrrr. Solved it!.
When i’m putting the disc onto the tray i’m turning it slightly it to ensure its on properly. There are raised grooves on the tray which scratch the disc!!.
Rookie error!.
Thx for taking the time to reply Rd

Damn you beat me to it. I use those EXACT same discs from SVP and a Canon IP3000 and was about to say make sure you dont move the disc when loading it onto the print tray.

I just tried to scratch one of my TY and couldn’t do it. That must be some pretty soft media. :confused:

I wonder if these lines you see are actually scratches… doesn’t make sense at all.

Have you actually checked these are SCRATCHES, i.e. physical alterations of the plastic layer, that you can FEEL with your nail?

Or is this some kind of joke? :bigsmile: (no offence intended)

I scarcely print DVDs, but I print about 20 CDs a week with my IP4000, and never ever had a single damaged disc, not even slightly…

“I just tried to scratch one of my TY and couldn’t do it”

Yeah, these TY DVDs are tough, tougher than TY CDs actually.

Hi RD - Yep that seems to be the problem. Ive turned a couple of Verbatim and theyre fine. The Datawrite seem to mark very easily indeed, very soft.

Hi Rabbi - lol, It had me stumped. Great discs and great price, they just mark very easily it seems. You naturally turn the disc as you click it on. I’m sure im not the only one who does this.

Hi Franck - No this isn’t a joke.

i do know the polycarbonate on some discs are softer than others, experience i have, but they will all scratch if u turn them enough :wink: - i don’t think turning a disc anywhere is a good idea.

to be honest I have actually managed to cripple 1 disc in the past by only half putting it in the tray of my LiteOn and then closing it onto the disc…

Having said that, I had 1 cd in the past get ran over by a car and still work :slight_smile: