Printing all the way to the edge of Verbatim DVD-R's with a Canon IP4200 printer?

I have a Canon Pixma IP4200 printer, and I enjoy printing on CD/DVD-discs a lot. I just bought two new discs. Both are Verbatim inkjet printables, one kind is glossy and one kind is matte. They both seem to have a printable surface that is broader than 118mm (I think the discs have a surface that is 119mm wide), and my Canon printer won’t print all the way out to the edge of these discs.

Is there any workaround for this problem?

I noticed that the printer CAN print all the way ot to the edge if I configure it with a few millimeters offset up or down, but that also makes the other side miss even more ink, and the printed image is off-center.

I remember a thread where this has been discussed and cannot be done with the supplied canon software. However another poster used other software and was able to do what you want to do. Just use the search and you will find it.
Regards and best of luck.

Here you have a guide detailing how it’s done. You need to use another program than CD Label Print, in the example they use Nero Cover Designer.

Making a custom template in Surething CD-DVD Labeler will also do the trick. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I don’t mind using another software, the Canon CD-Labelprint is not very good anyway.

i used surething when i had a Epsom printer but now i have a canon theres no native support so i use Acoustica CD Label Maker very easy to use and just select the your printer go to options and select whatever size DVD you have