I’m thinking of getting an Epson printer but I just wondered what the difference was, from using the Epson ink which is quite expensive compared to using the cheap branded ink.



Depends on the printer, if it is the Durabrite ink models then using compats eans you loose the waterproofness of the ink so they will run if you spill liquids on them. Other than that the only difference is the price. I have iused compats since my originals that cam with my printers ran out and have had no problems.

They do try to say that it invalidates the warranty, in the UK this is illegal as it is not true.


Though I do not own an Epson printer (always had HP), I’ve had my experiences with these “compats”. The experiences vary quite. When it comes to the black ink, most compats are pretty good, although some give a slightly lesser quality. The color ink I’ve used really shows differences between the original and the compats: colors aren’t as they should be and they bleed more than they should. For both black and color ink goes that compats often aren’t as waterproof as the originals.

My conclusion is that compats can be a good solution, depending on what you have to use your printer for. If you don’t need state-of-the-art printing quality or just print scraps, compats are fine. If you do need the higher quality, the real ink might be the better choice. At least, that’s my experience with HP compats and originals.


Original ink for my old epsom colour 680 is approx £42 =1 black 1 colour
compatible ink for same printer off ebay is approx £14.09 but this is for 5 black and 5 colour including vat and post…
So simple answer is dont waste your money on original ink buy compatible…