Does anyone know of a small cd printer (and normal printer) that has a bottom feeding tray? My printer at the mo is about 12" high and id like a cd printer about the same size… but cant find any with a bottom feed tray. Cheers for any help.

Check EPSON’s website, they have a smaller version of the R series printer, if I am not mistaken.

Have you had a look at the Canon’s? My one Is a Pixma ip3000 and is 7 inches high and prints CD’s or DVD’s and has both a paper tray at the bottom and can load paper at the top for printing. Or try looking at the HP ones they normaly have a botom feeding tray.

this thread makes me jealous.

i know haveacigar is from England, but here in the US our ONLY choice on disc printers is Epson due to patent issues and lawsuits.

sounds good… i think ill buy the updated version…

Are you sure it has a bottom feed? this is very importaint as it has to be able to fit in a cubby hole type thing…

Yes I use it all the time on my one the second button from the top is for changing to use the top or bottom paper feeder. And in the features for the one you been looking at it said [B] 2 paper trays [/B]

Hi :slight_smile:
haveacigar not the same model, but same series/features here.

Good work [B]zebadee [/B] it’s even better than the Pixm iP4200 havecigar been looking at, and it looks like all the Pixma models have the top and bottom paper tray. Another good thing I like about them if you print on CD or DVD it’s hard to tell from the original.

Ah… thanks for that. It looks much better than the other model, however it does have all the same features, but the price has a difference of £20, which i can put toward my benq… can you see any real advantages to this one other than looks? (and being able to print directly from camera)

last chance for comments… im planning on ordering in about… erm… 5 mins

Hi :slight_smile:
Nope, here’s more info on IP4200 here.

cigar, what printer did you go for?, as i’m thinking about one (IP4200), i’d like some feedback about the printer you buy, like how it prints to cd/dvd.

that be the one… but change of plan and i will be buying it later in the week. apparently the ink is expensive, but i plan to refill :wink: i will review it when i get it :iagree:

i’ve emailed choice stationary to see if they have compat. carts., i’ll let you know what they say :slight_smile:

well i received my printer today… and it appears that the bottom tray feed cant take a4 paper. Also the instruction book is a piece of poo and doesn’t even mention the bottom feed tray… coathi can you shed any light on this?

ok, it actually appears i can put a4 paper in, however the tray seems to be too small…

No problems M8 just hold on a sec and I will explain to you how to use the bottom tray

dont worry… i just found out the manual was bundled with the software… i managed to extend the bottom tray :slight_smile: Thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

You have to take the tray out and on your left hand side on the front of the tray there is a grey tab pull it towards the front of the tray and with your other hand hold the back of the tray and it pull out so you can load A4 paper in it and push it back in it will come level with the door opened down and that’s it ready to use :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: