Printer with internal DVD burner reviewed @PCmag

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In case you wondered, no that title is not just to attract your attention, nor is it wrong. The reviewers at received a printer from HP that includes a dual layer Lightscribe burner. Yes,…

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Sorry, this gets a double yawn. And being from HP, it’ll never work right anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not add a Blu-ray writer and put in a set of good quality speakers and a fold down 24" OLED screen. That Printer would be heaven and oops! you may need a graphics card as well to keep up with the HD content. Maybe when you have time you could print something. Go HP! not! :r .

Besides all the above, I would go broke buying all the over priced HP ink. Have not seen an CIS for HP’s and there is only 1 HP printer that prints discs. Lightscribe in fading away as well (pun intended). Give me full color lightscribe that burns faster and lasts and I will consider it.

I just want to know if it has a beverage dispenser and a decent cup holder.

I wouldn’t want a built in burner, what if you want to replace it. At least if its in your desktop/tower you can just yank it and replace it with a better one. seems kind of waste, especially when decent burners can be had for 25 bux.