Printer suitable for CD/DVD

Hi there

I am considering purchasing a printer for all my general printing needs as well as have the function of being able to print directly to CD / DVD media.

I thought I would spend between $2 - 300.00AUD

What recommendations do other forum users have taking into consideration ease of use, setup and particularly best results.


Epson R300 works great for me :iagree:

The Canon IP3000 or IP 4000 are top choices right now due to low operating costs and many nice features. IP4000 is best for photo printing, IP3000 is best all-around value. Be sure that in Australia the disc printing version is available, I think it is. In the USA, we can’t get them.

if you’re just printing cd/dvd’s the canons are satisfactory. If you want any type of QUALITY prints on photo paper doing digital photos, get an EPSON R200/R300. Durabrite inks are archival quality and particle based. I printed family albums on my IP4000 and it faded within a year. I bought an epson R200 and the print quality rivals the lab, even better at times!

Epson R310 owner here. Also have used a canon (can’t remember which model!). Have had the R310 for aprox. year (cost me $585 back then) and never had a problem, use generic inks which reduces the costs significantly, can definetly recommend. Excellent, high quality printer.

Have seen the R200 series for $220 here in Vic. Is the same as 310 but no Mem cards or USB camera port.