Printer hell



I found an old junked Canon i350 with the head completely clogged.
Repeated cleaning of the nozzles by running the cleaning software with the head filled with alcohol was having promising results, and I was happy I’d soon have a free working printer, but after a while it said the waste tank was full.
I know you can reset it with maintenance mode and some tool, but I wanted to avoid the waste felt pads getting full and overflowing, so I took the printer apart in an attempt to find them and clean them.
In the time-honoured tradition of taking stuff apart before thinking, I made the mistake of removing the whole plastic assembly right under the print head. It seemed a simple enough job, but a plastic part flew out and I’ve no idea where it goes, I just know that it doesn’t work right without it.

In other words, I need instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble a Canon i350.
Where could I get them? Google ain’t helping.


Probly not what you wanted to hear, but the i350 is a disposable printer, never really intended to be repaired. You would need to buy a service manual, which might cost as much as a new printer.


I appreciate it doesn’t help you Fw but I’m the same type of bloke as you, take things apart that aren’t working and when I put 'em back together again I normally have pieces left over. Fortunately they normally work though.


Actually, the i350 is less disposable than many other printers, because if the head becomes clogged you can remove it as easily as you remove a cartridge and replace it.
I might have done that, had I known where to find a replacement head (nowhere to be found in italy).

As for the disposable thing, I actually enjoy repairing and restoring to service stuff that other people would just throw away in disgust.
I know a service manual would be what I need, but really, isn’t there anyone who has disassembled this thing and posted pictures on the net? I can’t be the only i350 owner who has taken the printer apart.

Oh, I should also note that before I discovered how the printer worked I attempted to stick a syringe needle down the hole under the print head and suck the ink from what I assumed was the waste tank.

Turns out the printer has a separate tank and actually uses a peristaltic pump to suck the ink there from two small silicone pipes under the head.
So I made a hole in one of the pipes with the needle, and I’m now hoping hot melt glue will be enough to fix it, otherwise I’ll end up with a black mess under the print head every time I clean the nozzles…
I’m thinking of sticking a wad of cotton, or felt if I can find it, under the head so if the glue fails it should suck up whatever ink leaks.

Well, this is all assuming I can find a way to fix the thing I’ve taken apart…


This is a great little printer and i wouldn’t dispose of it for any other brand of inkjet.

Someone wrote a disassembly guide

Hope this helps, actually i popped the band off by accident when i picked it up on the side, the cover came off and the band sprung loose off the gear. I wish i could figure out how to put it back on…

Good luck


I am aware that this thread is relativly old, but unfortunaly the link posted by Lucidbarrier is not reachable anymore, not even via google’s cache.
Did anyone read it, tried it, or disasembled the i250/i350?
From what I could find on other sides is that you’ll have to disasamble most of the printer, and compared to other canons its a bit tougher.

Thanks for any info in advance



Yes it seems that the company no longer has a site.
However try here:
They may have what you want.


Thanks for the link.
I mailed Mike Kearney who had posted on about the problem and he mailed me a tutorial a bit ago :wink:

It seems to be much work, and as long as there are spare printers on ebay that have only a clogged printhead, I’ll just use them as parts :wink: I ordered for 1 Euro plus 6 Euro Shipping.