Printer armageddon

Finally after nearly 11 years, my hp officejet 7410 finally died… first the auto document feeder stoped working, then the printer would give check cartridge errors, then the case hinges started falling apart, then finally I suspect the wires that connect the flatbed scanner and the input console to the core of the printer stopped allowing direct input of command, and then it’s done…

Now I have the Brother mfc-9330cdw LED/Laser grade printer.
Ahh, what an upgrade…
I’m concerned the consumables & refills might end up MORE expensive than ink cartridges, but we’ll see-- at least I won’t have to deal with dried up ink much. Kind of funny that my HP T65 (2003) outlasted the OJ7410 (2005) which was made 2 years later! Apparently less breakable stuff and more tolerant of cartrige errors…

I know the brother LED printers have less color quality than other similar class printers… but the tradeoff obviously was there are no CARTRIDGE chips to deal with if you decide to refill but more consumables (cartridge, drum, drive belt, waste toner box-- fuser??) it’s weird that Brother considers the fuser a consumable since it’s not an easily user replaceable part-- I’ve seen the video, there’s more than 6 technical disassembly & reassembly steps.

I recently upgraded to a color laser and immediately tossed out several inkjets, never to look back. Canon MF726c. Toners include the drum and compatibles run about $25 each with 3000 page rating. Still on the starter carts for the colors after 2 months with 50% remaining.

They are chipped though, so I have to put up with nagging about non-Canon carts and no toner levels available. Still, $25 vs $100 is a no brainer and cost per page is a fraction of inkjet costs. Not to mention the quality is stunning even on cheap paper.

No more disc printing though, ah well.

I have only used laser printers since I got my B&W HP LaserJet 6P a tad before the millennium I had to throw it away still usable as the parallel interface vanished and the printer simply refused to die. Only changed toner and added paper for almost ten years…
Then a short while, I had a cannon inkjet which was able to print on a CD as well… That was nothing but a hazzle with dried ink and nozzles.
These days, I’m using a HP Color LaserJet 3600DN with a 500sheet extra sheetfeeder, leaving tray two as a permanent compartment for heavy 120g paper (payed about $250 for all which was a steal back then with network connection and automatic double sided printing included so I accepted the deal). So far been running with no hazzle for about 5 years and I’ll be damned if I ever should consider an InkJet printer again.

At the moment I have 4 laser printers in my house: HP LaserJet 1018 (don’t use it at the moment), Samsung ML-1250 (assembled it from dead ML-1210 and dead ML-1250, now it looks like new), Samsung ML-2950ND and Samsung SCX-4833FR with 10K cartridge (my main workhorses). Additionally, ML-2950ND and SCX-4833FR are brainwashed to forget about cartridge chips. :slight_smile:

Xercus, you could have bought a USB to Parallel interface adapter… I know the first gen of these sucked… but the subsequent versions did work much better-- if you had only waited a couple of years. I am contemplating that for my T65… but windows 7 doesn’t want to load the drivers easily… it needs the k60/80 drivers instead. Leave it to HP to orphan driver support! I use it as a workhorse copier although print quality is not perfect. since I can get about a ream of paper on a refill and I still have my bulk refill kit which used the same ink as the hp96 carts. My 7410 used to, but there were declining returns with the remanufactured SPONGE cartridges(hp 96)… went from MAYBE 400 pages down (original got 450 - almost 600) to 250 pages as the sponge & ink dried up… jeez.

The convenience of toner based consumables is the ability to get through a few reams of paper without worrying about the next consumable. I will not put up with the hassle of reset chips though (there will come a time when these are hacked & auto reset chips will be made as there are for a limited number of inkjet printer carts)… that’s why I chose a brother printer. Dell makes ok ones too, but refill toner is harder to come by on some “newer” models. I pricematched to $319, then they dropped the price to $289, so I got the credit card price protection to refund $30. Its a decent price considering where retail prices have been recently. The market is shifting away from high end inkjet and into toner based printing as the prices overlap considerably.

  • I also bought the 2 year product replacement plan from BB (which is really a GC refund plan)… probably not worth it, but the way I fugure it, if the fuser (or other significant problem) goes in that time, it’ll be worth it to get the updated model with dual sided scanning then and be able to use the SAME consumables. No questions/hassle, bring right to store and get GC for new printer. The 9330 is the 2013/2014 model the 9340 is the 2014/2015 model. Who knows, maybe there will be a faster one of the same lineup using same consumables in 2016/2017…

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2768449]Xercus, you could have bought a USB to Parallel interface adapter… I know the first gen of these sucked… but the subsequent versions did work much better-- if you had only waited a couple of years.[/QUOTE]

Yes, but then again, HP LJ 6P was a B&W printer and I had wished for the ability to print in color for some time, besides with only about 6PPM it was becoming slow by the standards as well. I did read about the challenges concerning Parallel to USB and combined with the price HP asked for their offering, I decided it had done its service flawlessly and I would like my memory to stay that way (The most problemfree printer I ever owned)… :iagree:

After the saddening detour with the InkJet, I found the deal for the HP Color LaserJet 3600dn, [B]{[/B][I]Fujitsu FRV555 VLIW 360MHz[B]/[/B]128MB RAM[B]/[/B]600DPI[B]/[/B]17PPM[B]/[/B]HP Jetdirect Embedded Print Server[B]/[/B]automatic integrated duplexing[B]/[/B]500 sheet feeder tray[/I][B]}[/B] and simply could not resist.
I just checked and it is still $1,784.99 for a new on ebay without the extra tray. It is way overkill for what’s needed in a private home as it is suitable for up to 50.000 pages per month according to the manual which will probably be past the volume the printer will print in its entire lifetime, but heck the price was simply too tempting to let the deal go :wink: - Probably the first and last printer in this class I will ever own :rolleyes: