Printed and unprinted media quality

Has anyone done any testing as to what effect printing onto the DVD has? I am referring to the quality of the scan of the unprinted burned DVD versus the same same DVD after it has been printed. I am finding that with my r200 printer, the scan after the printing is much worse that the unprinted DVD. I waited for 24 hours to retest the DVD after printing. I also rescanned the DVD after 24 hours before printing it and it is almost identical to the first unprinted scan. Is this something one could expect with the printing process?

I get identical scans in any case, even after spraying the discs with acrylic.
I use TY printables.

I suggest you scan at 4x to minimize variations in scans, 8x scans can vary a lot.

Is there any visible damage to the data side of the disc after printing?

No visible damage to the disk. I can scan the unprinted disk as many times as I want with almost no variation in the scans at 8x. As soon as it is printed and allowed to dry, I rescan it and the quality goes to crap and stays there.

I have dozens of printed media (prodiscf01’s), that the kids leave laying around out of the cases, and have played dozens of times. They still are playing without problems. I’ll have to scan them sometime and see what they show.

Nevertheless, scan them at 4x and see if the difference is less.

how do you change it to 4x, mines stay’s at maximum :confused:

Yes, I can do it at 4x, but of course I will have to do the whole test over starting with a unprinted blank DVD. I don’t understand what you are saying. If all my 8x scans on the unprinted burned DVD are almost exactly alike, why would you think that the 8x scan is inconsistant? Even after I print the DVD, all my scans are the same on the printed DVD. The scans on the printed DVD are just worse than the unprinted. I do not see any inconsistancies with like scans. I have two burners. A liteon 1633s and a BenQ 1640. Both burner’s scans look good on unprinted DVDs, and get much worse after the DVDs are printed.

No real difference here… only slight and not anymore than usual variation between scans…

A test with a TDK printable:

1st scan : not printed
2nd scan: printed

Variations in scans are exagerated at 8x, and any imbalance in the disc is worse at 8x.

Actually you could scratch your discs during the printing process… I you turn them in the printing tray, for example… Thes PIF peaks look a lot like the ones caused by semi-circular scratches…

IMO if the degradation was caused by the printing itself, the errors would be more evenly spread. Just guessing.

That was also my impression of that scan…physical defects. We already had one report of someone doing that in a Canon disc tray. (turning the disc)

Yeah, I remember this one too :wink:

I have checked the disks and there are not any visible marks or circles or smudges. They look exactly as they did before they were printed. Attached is a DVD I just burned at 8x and scanned at 4x. I am going to print the DVD and let it dry and then I will rescan at 4x and post the results.

I find that after going through the R200, the disc gets all kinds of dust on the bottom. That’s why I burn first, print second and wipe (using a KlearScreen cloth) when finished.

Attached scan:
Media: TY T02 DVD+R 8X
Burn Speed: 8X
Burner: BenQ DW1620 OEM
Firmware: BenQ DW1620 Pro B7V9
Printed by Epson R200: Yes

You may want to clean your CD tray with some alcohol or something. Spray from printer ink can buildup on various parts in a printer. I’ve noticed with my R200, that ink will slowly buildup on the outer rim just outside of where the disc goes. This in turn causes the ink to wipe off to the rollers in the printer that push/pull the tray and paper through. Probably because I have the diameter for printing set all the way to the outter edges, so I get a tiny bit of spray outside of the printable area, then wipe it off later.

Maybe you have some kind of ink or other buildup in the bottom of the CD tray, which is contaminating the surface on the data side while printing? Or like jucius said, clean your disc, with something reeal soft. The ink printed on the disc has virtually almost no weight, plus it’s distributed across the disc anyway. I don’t see how it could affect balance of the disc to much of a degree. It seems like you have some kind of contamination or slight scratches issue already mentioned. I don’t really see any difference between before and after printing scans on my discs.