Printable, Washable? (Verbatim)

most of the discs i have used in the past have had retail, matte/glossy, writable surfaces.

exception being a batch of Taiyo Yuden shiny silvers. i found the surface to be highly attractive to dust and fingerprints.

i am currently looking at (for) MIS Verbatim 8x -R (MCC02RG20?) and am not interested in shiny silver surfaces.

in the past i have had a few printed discs come my way and when any sort of water or moisture comes in contact with them the surface almost begins to dissolve.

i want something that is white (glossy?..) and can be washed if needed without any degradation to the surface of any kind (as with a retail disc.)

any other input on the subject you have to offer is appreciated too :slight_smile:

If you want discs that are kind of waterproof, then you should try some Taiyo Yuden Watershields :slight_smile:

Yes kg_evilboy they are very nice, I have used the CD-R’s and they are pretty awesome, I have an 50 stack of 16x DVD-R Taiyo Yuden Watershields I have not opened yet.

I don’t even know what other ±R they make, does anyone else?

If you want inkjet printable, then “washable” is not an option. The TY gloss is as close as it comes. Verbatim gloss is very easily smudged. If inkjet printable is not what you seek, then the white thermal printable is an option.

THermal White will work but is not inkjet as said.
For inkjet:
Those MBIL made imation aquagard disc’s are really good waterresistant come really close but there not glossy . But there not glossy.

Or if you can waite a few months you could go for verbatims waterresistant media. So far I only heard very good about them so far from the few sources that got early samples.
It seems that hose verbatim waterresistant seem to look nicer as the TY’s which in turn look beter as the Imations.

Another option is using a glossy acrylic spray over the top of your Inkjet printed discs
to make them water/smudge Proof but I’m not sure about the yellowing issue some have
reported seeing over a period of time. :confused:

sorry if my title was slightly misleading… i don’t actually plan printing on these discs; i’m just looking for some 8x -R Verbatims that don’t have a shiny silver surface (for the reasons i listed in the OP.) i assumed that white is the only other option available outside of retail discs.

are thermals completely waterproof / washable?

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB, 8X, White Thermal (Everest Hub Printable), 50-Pack (94853)
these were the only thermal 8x -R Verbatims i could find at RIMA (where i would like to shop if possible…)

how are they? what is the MID on these? compared to the DataLifePlus counterparts? anything else i should know?

I haven’t personally investigated protection spray yet, but it is said that it has a negative influence on disc quality.

These should be excellent MCC 02RG20 (DataLifePlus is just a marketing trademark when it comes to DVDS, nothing more actually).

no one has any input as to the waterproofness and washability of white thermals?

[QUOTE=xdjoynerx;2015804]no one has any input as to the waterproofness and washability of white thermals?[/QUOTE]

You can put them in the dishwasher if you want, (but I wouldn’t recommend it). It’s a white lacquer coating.

thanks for the input :flower:

can anyone confirm where these are manufactured?

Most likely Taiwan MCC02RG20. Hardly heard of Indian made 8x -R Verbatim.

contacted RIMA… they are currently made in Taiwan, and said it may change from time to time.

so how are MIT MCC02RG20 compared to other locations? and how do the thermals compare to the normal blanks quality wise? are there other comparable or better medias?


Really depends if they are Prodisc made or CMC made, I have some Prodisc made and they are just OK.

Would be hard to find out from a vendor what ones they are.