Printable Verbatim DVD9 +R identity help needed

Hi all

I brought 10 Printable Verbatim DVD9 +R DL off ebay, the person was advertising Verbatim brand.

When i recievecd the DVD in a plastic Insearts, There is no Identity on them as they are printable ones apart from the following number on them.

l FPl HAD01

when i put the disk in to be read by nero Disc info they come up as

Dual Layer
RicoJpn D00

Has he given be Dud Discs, (weak dye) as i’m using them to put a family wedding on so that they last

Please help, he advertising Verbatim, as they have the azo layer, and i’ll just send them back to him, if he’s selling cheap discs

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Hi zackk :), I moved your thread from the Blank DVD Media Testing forum, as that forum is only for test results, not discussion.

Your thread will be more likely to get replies in here. :wink:

Hi zackk. Those are definitely NOT verbatim disks. They are either Ritek-manufactured discs w/ RICOH codes, or (because of the IFPI hub code), quite possibly and even worse, fake discs w/ RICOH codes.

My advice? Return them and get your money back, and stick w/ reputable dealers for your discs.

Many people here swear by, try these:

Also seem to be about the same price w/ shipping at Newegg here:

Hope this helps. Welcome to cdfreaks!

Yep, the “IFPI” part gives it away :iagree:

As suggested, get your money back and buy some real Verbies - two good US sites are mentioned above, or if you’re in the UK, try :slight_smile:

Yep you got some fake disc’s zackk, make the seller give you a refund if possible real Verbatim DL disc’s
start with MKM001 or MKM003 in the mid and you may find some that start with MBI which is mfg. in India
try and stay with the MKM if at all possible. :wink:

Here’s the link on e-bay

Hm, he gets 97% positive feedback. But then a comment ‘Product is not what I expected’ is marked positive… Caveat emptor.

If those are fakes, please contact Verbatim. :slight_smile:
Those business practices are very questionable…