Printable Verbatim and TY DVD media deals

This may not be an awesome price but still a good deal for printable media.

I think you can also take an additional 10% off with the site coupon until 5/31.

And if your into rebates and coupons try this site:

Yeah, but what about shipping? Meritline usually has rediculous shipping rates.

100 Pack Taiyo Yuden Valueline 8x DVD-R White Inkjet Hub Printable (DVD-R47VAlWPPSK) , Free Ground Shipping
Item code: 102-521-100
Free Ground Shipping - Continental USA Only.

100 Pack Verbatim (94852) 8X DVD-R Shiny Silver Thermal Printable 4.7GB Blank Media in Cake Box, 10% OFF with Coupon Code: M10PMAY
Item code: 102-268-100
Sale Price Instant Coupon Rebate Saving Final Price
$29.99 - 10% OFF - Save $19 = $7.99

Verbatims were $8.56 shipping to Minnesota. Not bad for a 100 pack ground shipping.
It would cost me that much to run to the store with today’s gas prices.LOL :bow:

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There is a 20% coupon floating around, I used it on the ink cartdridges, the 30% coupon expired on the date I placed my order. So search around to get 20% coupon instead of 10%.
The Verbatim may pretty well be prodisc since I have prodisc spindle, shiny thermal printable, it has MCC03RG20 MID, but sold under prodisc brand.

I would jump on the TY deal if it is +R, I still have a few spindles of 100 of inkjet printable -R TY002 bought from supermedia.

if only the verbs were inkjet :sad:

Not too bad if you don’t mind MIRs and Meritline. I believe there have been some issues with Verbatim rebates in the past. That might have to do with the company that was offering them though. Either way, good to know. Thanks. :wink:

Valueline TY is lower quality than the TY say from Sony or Fujifilm?

how would you compare inkjet printable Valueline Ty’s to printable MCC04 Verbs and the quality of printed labels and photos?


I would definitely take the MCC004s over them. The problem with the value line is not necessarily the discs themselves but the fact that you are playing russian roulette with what you are getting. You are now stuck either getting 8x TYG02 DVD-R or 16x TYG03 DVD-R and there is no way of telling which one you will end up with until you recieve/open up the package. The big problem being the 16x TYG03 which isn’t nearly as good as MCC004. The TYG02s are great discs. So it all comes down to taking a gamble. @hiwass this should answer your question as well.

hmmmmmmm! ok thanks.

I wouldn’t go for MCC004 Inkjet, I learned my lession from buying spindle 16X retail at Sams Club, PI in the 800 range (for each peak), and PIF is in the 12 range, peaked at 40, I ran into 2 spindles like that, not just one, but the 8X dadalife plus hub inkjet printable is very good(MCC003). But of course, still cant compare to TY hub inkjet printable -R 8X, it burns as good as Sony/Fujifilm TYs. I did not buy at Meritline, I bought mine at Supermedia for the Inkjet TYs, I bought the Verbatim Datalife plus on Amazon, and 16X Verbatim @ Sams Club. To play safe, I would go for TY -R 8X. Good thing that I got rid of my Sams Club Verb on Ebay for a fraction of what I paid for.

regarding mcc media, aren’t there prodisc & cmc mcc? how do you know which you will get (i heard that cmc are much better than prodisc)?

I’ve noticed the Verbatim 16x printables from SAM’s have a hard time burning at full speed myself. I’ve tried about two or three spindles. I haven’t used the DataLifePlus 8x +R hub printables but I have used the 16x ones and they are better than the non-hub printables from Sam’s. Go figure.

I’ve had nothing but the best results with my printable 16X Verbatims from Sam’s. Absolutely the best video and playabilty results. I’ve only had maybe 3 or 4 out of 400+ which were defective and failed during the burn.

Usually burn at 12X, and on occasions 8X or 16X