Printable TDK's at Costco



Costco has 8x +/-R ink jet printable DVDs, 50 for $29.99. The +rs I bought are CMC and are going back.


I have no idea why TDK dumps CMC on us in the US while in Europe and Japan they can get TDK002.


When I checked at my local Costco today, all of the +rs were made in India. My 1620 loves these discs.


I got the TTG02 media code, but I don’t like the print surface


Hub printable?


Those are Moser Baer, I believe. :wink:


The ones at my Costco were CMC AE1 too. They burn OK at up to 12x in my BenQ so far. Not quite as nice for quality but pretty good, they are bad media compared to others though.


Gee, the old Costco DVDs used to be RicohnJpn!


Well the printables are different then the regular media they sell and even TDK appears to shop manufacturers for the best bulk deals. TDK cdr’s back in the day were some of the best media you could buy for a reasonable price, even were actually made by TDK. I always check the country of origin now when buying media, usually made in Japan stuff is the best as it’s TY or Yuden media, Taiwan can be just about anything. It’s very hard to find quality media in printables right now it seems.


Compusa now has 8x TDK DVD±R 50 pack /18$ deal. (I don’t think it is printable.)
I’m not sure if it’s worth taking. Especially when sony DVD+R deal is still alive.


Best Buy has Fuji 100 pak’s for $39.99, sale ends tonight. All 3 stores in my area are out of stock. Only one of the stores got more in with their shipments last night and I got the last pak. The truck arrived around 7pm and I ended up with the last 100 pak at 8:30pm. Sheesh, people come out of the woodwork for the 100 pak deals. 2 or 3 weeks ago they were selling the Fuji 50 paks for $19.99 and it seemed like they had plenty. I bought 7 paks of the 50’s. I only managed to get my hands on 4 of the 100 paks this week. Oh well, I have 600 that are still shrink wrapped, 4 in 100 pak spindles and 4 in 50 paks spindles. I guess I can make those last until Fuji goes on sale again.



I feel Waiting for the good stuff to go on sale and buying a lot is better than buying lesser quality for the same money or more.

I got six one hundred packs of the Best Buy Fuji 8X +R for the $40.00 deal a while back. They burn at 12X for me on my LG 4163B. :iagree: