Printable Taiyo Yuden?


I was surfing and found this store :

They sell these as Taiyo Yuden discs. Does any1 know if they are for real and has anyone ordered there ? What are your experiences with these guys ?

If some1 knows, i’d be gratefull :wink:


Usually if they are advertised as TY then they are TY. Where you run into trouble is when you get brands (ie Hyundai, Sonic, Matrix, ect.) that are some obscure name but claim the TY media code.

I have not tried that supplier.

I got my printable TY (both -R and +R) from OS-Media Trade - €20.50 euros for a 25 disc spindle of -R. Delivery charges may be the decider.

I’m guessing you are in Europe, based on the “.de” web address. But, for anyone reading this thread in the US, here is a good place to get TY media:

I got printable CD-R and DVD+R disks there, and have been happy with them.

Yes, I am Dutch. I used to order from Opus or Ddvd, but they don’t carry the printable TY.