Printable +R 8x media for Lite-on 832S =?

Hi all,

Needing to find decent, yet well priced ($1 per disc or less) printable 8x DVD+R media for use in my Lite-on 832S… 4x media that will burn well at 8x also fine.

Anyone have good advice for me?

I am located in Australia is it helps.


For under $1 - let me know if you find any! if you’re willing to pay around the $1.75 per disc you can shop around for spindles of 50 Verbatim DatalifePlus 4x +r - these will burn great at 8x on your 832s using Omnipatcher with recommended tweaks.

Just found them here for a good price

Oh… Doesnt have to be that good either… Just princo level or above.


If you can find maxdata +r 8x, which are white-tops, grab 'em! They’re mcc003 which are the same as verbatim 8x +R. Bought a few today to test and they burned better than the 8x verbatim singles i got from jbhifi :open_mouth: must be manufactured from a different plant i guess. they sell for 70-80c each which is $35 - $40 for 50 :slight_smile:

Then I would direct you to Prodisc. They are printable to the hub. Maybe a few $ more per spindle compare to Princo, but I think they are better.
The printing is nice.

I’ve seen many good reviews about them.
Too bad you’re in australia, I still have 25 that I’m not sure if I’m gonna use…

Just make sure your burner like them.:iagree: