Printable panasonic Ty02 question

I got access to these panasonic printable DVD-R 8x (Ty02 dye) and they’re sold for around 0.6$. the price is very attractive but I don’t have a printer with cd printing feature and I’m not planning to get one so they’re gonna be used without being printed.
The questin is: will they bear the moisture and scratches as good as branded discs or not? (I 've seen the top of some printable cd-r being easily damaged by moisture). and can I write on their printable side with a sharpie(cd marker)?
on a side note, I can get fujifilm dvd+r 8x (ritek r03) , fujifilm dvd-r 8x (prodisc f01) and tdk dvd+r 8x (cmc E01) all branded with same price as the printables ty02 s. which one would be better if i decide not to get the printables?

The printable Panasonic TYG02 should be fine (I have some printable Verb MCC003 here, no problems). And I write on mine with a Sharpie.

In the event that you decide against them, the TDK CMC MAG. E01 are an OK choice (but obviously not as good) - I’ve used plenty of that MID under the Imation brand for two years, it’s lasted well.