Printable Media

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’m trying to find a good CD-R printable media, but I am having a problem with what I think may be the thickness of the CD surface. When I print on a CD-R, it tends to hang up in my car CD player, much the same as when I would try to play CDs with a stick-on label. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a comparison of printable media that includes some reference to how thick the surface is?

I have an Epson R260 (I think that’s the designation), which makes a great looking CD. It’s not very useful, though, if it won’t play right. Can anybody help me? Thanks in adavance.


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The issue here could well not be the printable surface and its “thickness”, but the quality of the media itself, or the way it’s been burnt.

What exact CDRs have you tried, at what speed did you burn them, and in what exact burner model? :slight_smile:

Another possiblity is that your car cd player is extremely picky and won’t play some kinds of CDRs.

Burner model: CDBurnerXP Pro 3, 3.0.116
I switched from WMP burner due to skipping and hangup issues in the car unit. These issues have been resolved with the newer burner. Present issues involve the disc actually hanging up and ceasing to spin inside the CD player, as if it were too thick to spin freely.

Have only tried one brand so far, Office Depot brand (believe it’s actually HP, but I could be wrong.)

I have never experienced this particular problem with unlabeled CD-R, just the printed one and a few I’ve had with the paper stick-on labels.

Printable discs generally have a polymeric coating that swells as it absorbs the water and ink in the printing process. The swelling goes back to normal when the water evaporates. If the air is extremely humid, a combination of expansion of the coating, the coating thickness, and very tight clearances in the drive may combine to cause a problem. You can check this by removing the coating in a water bath, then gently drying the disc and trying it again. If it then works, then thickness is a problem. My guess, however, is that there is something else wrong; and the car unit sounds as if it is particularly picky if it could not play discs recorded with different software.

I think the car unit [I]is[/I] particularly picky - has some trouble with CDs burned using WMP, has different trouble playing CDs with some type of labeling. Is my unit in a great minority? If it’s just my player that has problems, I can stop worrying so much about CD thickness and just buy a different car stereo!

Anybody else ever have trouble with a too-thick CD?