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Since my last experience with printable TDK TTG01 wasn’t very good (a LOT of coaster on both the NEC 3500A and Benq 1620) and the search here didn’t turn up any recent results, I was wondering what your recommendation is when it comes to this selection.

I hear the MCC are supposed to be good? How about the Gigatain (not so recommendable I assume) or the Samsung? I read that Verbatim are supposed to be good but they seem a little expensive.
What about the Ritek G05? Is it worth the extra money compared to the MCC?

Thanks in advance!!! :bow:


From this shop i would take the Verbatims, but personally i would prefer the
Taiyo Yuden, expensive but superb :wink:


Really the Verbatim?
But they are TWICE as expensive as the others (if you look under -> “DVD bedruckbar” - I just realized the link doesn’t get you directly to the printable section)!


Hi :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to choose anything else than Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens on the site you mention:

Ritek G05: the ones they sell are obviously bulk (unbranded) DVDs, you never know if it’s gonna be A-grade Ritek G05 or not. When it comes to Ritek manufacturing, my advice is stay away from anything that is not (fully) branded as Traxdata, Ridata, Ridisc, or Ritek own brand (but those are almost impossible to find these days).

Phillips and Gigatain: the site doesn’t mention the mediacodes of the media they sell (bad policy). :frowning:

Memorex: quality varies too much.

Samsung: poor quality 90% of the time.

Well if you don’t want to go for the Verbs or the TY because of the price, you’ll have to find an online reseller with more choice than this one.

Tryout the printable media page on SVP:

And also


I would go for TYs even though they are more expensive (though roughly 50p a disc is not bad) if I could find them where I live, after all they have had rave reviews. Unfortunately I can’t shop on line, no bank account or card.

Riteks have served me well mainly branded Riteks (RiData and Ritek names on the label) and so have Ridisc, though I seem t be in the minority where getting good ridisc are concerned.


“though I seem t be in the minority where getting good ridisc are concerned.”

Count me in your minority :slight_smile: - the 4x Ridiscs (Purple RitekG04) that I bought recently for my standalone recorder give me better scans than my usual Datalife+ Verbatims! :eek:

This was unexpected and I feel lucky :bigsmile:


ridisc in 10 disc spindle ? they are rather good in my nec 2510


Hi MisterT :slight_smile:

“ridisc in 10 disc spindle ? they are rather good in my nec 2510”

Yep, 10 discs spindles from SVP. Outstanding burns on both my Pioneer 109 and my JVC DR-M10 standalone. Exceptional value for the price, though I doubt they’ll last as long as my Verbatims and TYs… so I wouldn’t trust them for very important data. For recreative video use, though, they’ve become my absolute favorites. :cool:

If you refer to the “10 discs”, must be that like me, you heard bad stories about the 50 discs spindles… don’t know if these stories are made up or for real. :eek:

Haven’t had a single M02 code as yet, only G04. Did you?



I also have some purple Ritek R02 - they are quite good. But I do prefer printables. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Francksoy: Thank you for the details on all the different options! :slight_smile: The only brand you left out is the MCC - any comments on that one???

Other than that I might actually tend to get the A-Grade Ritek G05 from nierle even though they are still 50% more expensive than the MCC or Gigatain. :confused:


Indeed, I forgot to mention the MCC.

Mitsubishi Chemicals medias have a solid reputation.

The problem here is that the ones this site sells are bulk, unbranded medias. Who the hell could tell if they are reliable?

Any manufacturer gets different grades at the end of the production process, and MCC is no exception. Different batches are dispatched to different brands depending on brands demands, some are sold to OEMs, some are… who knows.
There’s a good reading on this forum about all this:

There has already been problems with MCC medias sold under certain brands… so “MCC” is not a magic word. The site doesn’t even mention the mediacode… :frowning:

“I might actually tend to get the A-Grade Ritek G05 from nierle”

It happens I recently ordered a test pack of printable medias from SVP, including the exact same media (if the picture at CDRohlinge actually represents the media they sell as A-grade printable RitekG05). I should receive the pack in the next days.
So if you are patient, I may report about these printable Riteks.

If I forget to post back in this thread, just PM me :slight_smile:


I only bought one spindle as testing purpose and they were G04. I have also good results on “good batch” of prodisc dvd-r
I use 2 type of media, cheap/mid range media + Verbatim for each backup.
I keep verbatim in safe place and use the cheap disc.
I just order some datawrite dvd+r based on MCC03 dye with my NEC 3540. I hope to received it in few days.


Hmm, so what you are actually saying with this is no matter what brand you are buying, you never know what quality you get if it’s bulk? That’d be very sad. :sad:

Yeah, I looked at SVP but they are a little too expensive for my taste once you inlude shipping and VAT to Germany.

All I was trying to accomplish with starting this thread is finding some reliable inexpensive discs (meaning that I can still read them after 10 years when stored properly and that they are not twice as expensive as other media), it seems this is much harder than I thought. Otoh, we are on, there “good” media from the freakish perspective probably means something different than anywhere else in the world. :smiley:


The Verbatim printables at that site (CD-Rohlinge 24) seem to come in Verbatim retail packaging, so there’s no reason to doubt they will be reliable. Obviously there is variability with any manufacturer, but it stands to reason Verbatim would try to sell the best stuff under its brand name.


Try the Costco TDK printable, they are TTG02, good burn on BenQ 1620 and NEC 3520, I do not have NEC 3500 so I dont know how good on the NEC 3500, but burnt great on NEC 3520. I get consistent quality score of 97-98 on both drives on TTG02 printable


:rolleyes: Hey, hey, misunderstanding! :eek: :rolleyes:

@Two Degrees,
“Obviously there is variability with any manufacturer, but it stands to reason Verbatim would try to sell the best stuff under its brand name.”
I was NOT adressing the Verbatims MCC in my previous post.
I was adressing unbranded MCC bulk medias present on the mentioned site.
If you think that MCC media is Verbatim media, sorry to correct you, it’s not that simple.

“Hmm, so what you are actually saying with this is no matter what brand you are buying, you never know what quality you get if it’s bulk?”
MCC is NOT a brand (like Maxell, Verbatim, Phillips…), but a manufacturer (like Ricoh, Prodisc, CMC…).
So NO, I was not saying what you say I was saying :stuck_out_tongue: - unless you replace the word “brand” with the word “manufacturer”.

Hey guys please read my posts more carefully before putting words in my mouth! :bigsmile: :rolleyes:


“once you inlude shipping and VAT to Germany”

??? All the prices mentioned are VAT included. It’s not added afterwards. Take a closer look at the actual numbers in the shopping cart if it’s what confused you… :wink:

What’s the shipping price to Germany BTW?


I didn’t see any unbranded MCC on that site…did I miss it?


OOPS, did not know you are in Europe, but inkjet printable TDK TTG02 is good, a lot better than TTG01 on both BenQ and NEC Drives


@Francksoy: Sorry, yes, I did of course mean manufacturer. I am well aware that the brand doesn’t necessarily say anything about the manufacturer (especially when it comes to cheap brands). And yes, I mixed up the VAT-thing there. Shipping and handling is ~ €12.50 to Germany, btw.

Mmh, looking at the page again I saw these:
{DV 3226} Ritek Printable (8x) DVD+R in Packs of 50 for only €12.96!!! … Too good to be true? After all, that’d be only €0.26 each, well below anything else I’ve seen around (how did I miss them the first time I looked there???). This would even be worth paying the s/h… :stuck_out_tongue:

Furthermore (I don’t know why I missed all that last night), the A-grade Ritek G05 DVD-R that I layed my eyes on from nierle for €11.50/25pcs are only €7.27 at SVP. :slight_smile:
That seems to be the best deal, especially since s/h is also €10 at nierle.

Btw, I attached an image from a scan of one of the last TDK I had (burned yesterday). Pretty much all scans look similar; very good at first but they get much worse towards the end (sometimes staying below the red area, sometimes not). The disc copies fine but I wonder how reliable this burn is and if the disc will still work in 5 years. :confused:


looking at that chart i would say your Benq drive is faulty/misaligned.
The PI failures at the end do not match up with the PI errors.

My Benq is also faulty/misaligned but always gives the big peak in PIF at the start.
Benq writers are just not very good IMHO.
I suspect no dvdr from any manufacturer will read correctly in 5 years time.

Many dvdr with MCC mid codes are now made in CMC factories.
Most Verbatim MCC mids distributed in Europe are made by CMC
You might like to give the Datasafe 8x printables a go (CMC MAG AE1), I find them very reliable and they burn fine at 12x in my NEC3500