Printable media vs stick-on labels

I was wondering what the drawbacks are of using labels vs photo printable dvds. I am thinking of getting the canon ip4000/ip5000 for printing dvds but is there really reason enough to get it when I can just buy labels. I already ordered a pack of dr. byte cd labels so what do you think?

Labels give a better quality finish, when you buy good quality ones, but can unbalance a disc. It isn’t a big problem on a CD but on lower quality DVD’s a label can unbalance a disc enough to make a disc unreadable.

I scanned a disc, applied the label, and the rescanned. There is a noticable difference but the quality of the scan is good both times, and the disc plays back fine on my DVD player.

Is the first scan the labelled one?

Labelling rule 1 - never apply anything other than round labels with a proper centering applicator… I’m sure we’ve seen CDs labelled with one square label, but at current speeds the imbalance would be intolerable.

The weight imbalance of a properly applied label should be minimal.

Next problem, keep it CLEAN, as the label must stick firmly, so no dust, grit or greasy fingerprints!
And get it smooth - if you ruck the label, it’s better to re-burn than try to fix a badly applied label.

So we come to the real problems of the label…

  1. Reaction between adhesive and media topcoat - more troublesome with media that has no additional top treatent.
  2. Peeling of the label due to time, weak adhesive - a partially peeled label will cause serious problems.
  3. Peeling of label into slotloader - it’s a good idea NEVER to use adhesive-labelled media in a slotloader - as they can peel a label that would otherwise have been OK

Hmmm… Does this also apply to printable media, would a non printable dvd provide better quality scans then a printable one?

I actually bought a 25 pack of printable verbatim dvd-r 16x media without realizing it. Would it be ok to put labels on those discs as well or will that cause problems?

Why would you put a sticky label on those printable Verbatims? With a proper printer you can get amazing result by printing them directly and applying colour protection spray; I have done it many times. And you don’t have to worry about damaging the dvd itself or your drive. Apart from unbalance and chemical reactions, changes in humidity could cause the disc to deform because the paper label will expand or shrink.

This topic is thoroughly discussed in many threads. Consider doing a search.

Best advice is to never put any sort of label on a DVD, go with printables. The issues are far more complex than just the balance of the disc.

:doh: This has already been covered here so many times! :rolleyes:

If you search this forum and other forums, you’ll see that apart from some “no wobble” PLASTIC labels that are quite expensive and difficult to find, labeling DVDs is a NO NO. :disagree:

Paper-labeled DVDs have huge readability problems. No one knows for sure why, wobble, humidity (paper), warping…

It is strongly recommended NOT to label DVDs :iagree:

Agreed. Go IJ or don’t do any kind of labeling.

Well thanks for all the replies, I guess I’ll be getting the canon ip5000(non us ver) and a digital camera to go along with it.
I’ve been waiting for an exuse to go gadget shopping ^^.
Any other printers in the same price range I should take a look at, other than the epsons(the clogging problems put me off)?

The Canon’s are great printers. The IP4000 is very much the same for photos as the IP5000, the 5000 really only excells at text and graphics compared to the 4000.
I have a 3000 and 4000 here, they’re cheap as dirt to operate if you refill, have 2 paper feeds and full duplexing which I need. The disc printing utility is really slick too once you get the hang of the settings.

Yes they do, the paper labels vary in thickness from top to bottom, so it doesn’t matter how centrally you stick it on, the disk is unbalanced.

For once, we agree Sarah. :wink:

But I don’t LOL just kidding :flower: - actually I think unbalance is not the only issue, because thick assymetric top layer company labels (Ridisc for example) don’t raise as much issues as paper labels. There must be other factors.

Whatever. Almost everyone agrees on this: DON’T use paper labels on DVDs. :disagree:

I’ve used over 500 labels on my DVDs and have had minimal problems. A few of my oldest DVDs (1-1/2 years old), have had some playback problems, but it’s hard to say if the label is to blame. Back then, I used any old cheap media I could find. I think any problems were due to the cheap media, or maybe the combination of cheap media and labels.

For over a year, I have used only TY or Verbatim media. Since then, I’ve labeled over 400 disks with Zero problems. I’ve been using the glossy labels from Meritline.

That said, I recently started printing directly to disk, and I love it. I think the results look more “professional”, and you avoid any possibility of label problems. I find the printable (TY) media to cost about the same as a regular disk plus a label, so cost really isn’t an issue.

I have a Canon Pixma 5000 printer (US version). I recently did the firmware and registry changes needed to defeat Canon’s disabling of the disk print feature. Then I ordered an official Canon print tray from eBay. (Others have made their own trays, but I’m not very good at that type of thing.) If I had it all to do over, I would have just ordered the non-US version. The Pixma 5000 is an awesome printer, and now that I can print direct to disk, it’s even better.

You can also pick up EPSON R200 or R300 printers which print on CD/DVD’s with excellent quality, for next to nothing. They have been going for between $50 and $75.00. I have the R300, and I love it. After rebates, they ended up paying me over $100.00 to take the printer.

“have had some playback problems, but it’s hard to say if the label is to blame”

Easy enough. Take the label off and clean the top surface with isopropyl alcohol. Then test.

I’ve known users who sudenly got perfect playability with “dead” DVDs simply by taking the paper label off. PIE/PO/PIF scans done with and without the labels gave eloquent results as well. :iagree:

!!! Never do that with CDs only with DVDs! You may destroy a CD by taking the paper label off!!! :cop:

spray label with wd40, wait 15 mins
peel off label, wash dvd in warm soapy water
rinse under tap, pat dry with kitchen towel

Uh uh :bigsmile: sounds like a cake receipe :stuck_out_tongue: Yum Yum

(Just in case, no irony in this post :slight_smile: )