Printable Media Questions

How do you use printable media? All you need is any old ink-jet printer or perhaps a special type of printer is needed?

I currently enjoy using my Lightscribe burner but right now there is no DL lightscribe media.

so what are u asking?? You need a printer that can print ON to printable dvd’s. NOT just any old printer. Printers like the Epson R340 have a special tray that you put the disc on, the printer draws the tray back then moves it forward as if it were printing onto paper. It has a hole at the back where the tray goes out. The R340 and R220 both take 6 ink tanks and wont be as cheap to run as other 2 or 4 tank printers. I buy printable Verbatim DL media.

Compats make them cheap to run, Canon also make printers that print on discs and I have seen one with 4 tanks. The R220 is being phased out and pretty soon it is the R340 and up that will be the only Epsons to print on disc. Therefore if you find an R220 snap it up.

Notice anabolism, we are not using the words disc printer, as neither the Epson or the Canon are, they are printers that can print on CD/DVDs and that is an important difference where the warranty is concerned. If doing a lot of disc printing a dedicated disc printer is needed.