Printable media question



alright, picked up some cause on sale, dont have a printer tho

so the question is

what kind of pens can i used to write on the surface safely?

i know, dumb question, but was just being safer then sorry down the road


Same as used for writing on normal discs.


i dont write on normal disc, but i used a ball point pen, seemd fine, :slight_smile:


Ball point pen can be OK on DVDs, but better use a “Sharpie” marker or these special CD/DVD markers. Cheap, writes better and it’s safer.

For CDs, avoid ball pens at all costs, use a special CD/DVD marker.


i wont write on cd’s what so ever

but i thought might as well write on these white printable dvds, :slight_smile:


if you’ve got printables, try and avoid silver or white Ritek G05 DVD’s there rubbish. Just use normal CD-R Pens. They work any any discs


me : “use a special CD/DVD marker.”
jppackham : “use normal CD-R Pens”

Funny because I think we mean exactly the same thing :bigsmile:

Words, words, words… :rolleyes:


tdk ttg02 printables

i wont touch ritek’s