Printable media on epson R200/300

Is it really necessary to buy printable mefda?

Is there a work around to make media printable?

You could try using flat white paint on the surface of each disk. For the ink to stay it needs to be absorbed.

Let me know if it works.


There is only one way I know of, paint isn’t it, and that is to use sticky labels on the discs and then pop them in the printer.

Why don’t you want to use printable media?

Expensive at least at B&M stores and I have about a hundred or so regular ones lying around.

Sticky Lanels!!! YES!!! (smacks forehead)

I get my printable 8X TY’s for $0.65/disc after shipping at Rima… Also Wolf/Ritz Camera carries Fuji printables. They are on sale a lot for $21.99 for a 50 spindle…

Are there any Photo / Glossy surface DVD / CD blanks out there? Matte seems to smear sometimes.


I find these threads a bit wacked…(unless you’re adventurous and don’t mind screwing up your Epson…which doesn’t sound like the case here.)

Why spend 50 US pennies on sticky labels, to print 20 US pennies of ink that may not look as good and possibly have balancing problems just to save 10 US pennies on the media? Stick labels are a stupid idea, anyway…why don’t you just print them FIRST, then apply them…like the instructions say. This is INSANE!

Am I stating the obvious here? You spent 100 US dollars on a printer…spend 20 US dollars on some media and save yourself some headaches, man. I’d hate to have you boff-up your 100 US dollar printer by being cheap.

(all currency stated in US because that’s all I know :wink: )

Some folks I know don’t like the over-spray issues with the disks and the disk retainer. Some folks I know like to have the PHOTO labels instead cause they look spiffy and don’t smear. Some folks I know prefer labels cause if they make a mistake, they don’t waste a disk, just a paper label.

The big blue marble has many different types of folks on it. :slight_smile:

Is it required? No.
You can put labels on the disc, then put it in the printer. But as Hawseman said, why go through all the headache and time required?

For years, I used regular stick on labels and my HP photo printer. The labels came out great for being paper labels stuck on. But they didn’t look “professional”. The quality of the print was good, but you could tell it was a paper, stick-on label.

When you get good printable media, the Epson R200 (which I use) will produce quality that is almost indistinguishable from OEM. The discs do NOT smear, even when I’ve run water over them (coastered discs that I use for test prints)

I use Ritek (RG05) 8x inkjet hub printable media which can be found for about $33 per 100 from SuperMediaStore. I create the labels in photoshop, then print them using Epson’s supplied “Epson Print CD” software. If you use the Riteks (or pretty much any hub printable disc), the settings in Epson’s software is:
Inner Diameter: 22 mm
Outer Diameter: 119 mm

I’ve done over 100 discs so far and not one has been questionable quality or had any overspray. I even get the refill ink from SuperMediaStore for like $5/tank, versus retail of like $14! Anyways, the hassle and time saved over not having to dick around with paper stick on labels is sooooo worth the couple extra pennies I spend. The printable discs have better overall quality, dry faster, are more resistent to humidity/water/whatever so they don’t smear, are always perfectly centered, and never bubble. Another benefit is that the printable surface acts as a reinforcing layer to the reflective layer, as opposed to a paper label sometimes bubbling (as it gets old) and pulling the reflective layer off the disc.

Just be sure you get INKJET hub printable and not THERMAL. I made that mistake once. Whoops! The printer don’t like them discs!!!

Actually I haven’t bought anything yet since I have a HP 932 With lots of ink left. But I am thinking about the Epson R200/300/320 and want to know what I’m getting into.

Hell I may stick to my TDK CD writing pen I got with the 24X CD burner I got a few years ago. My biggest headache is looking for it when I need it…

I want to thank all who have responded and hope to learn much more! Keep the info coming

paper labels stop the dvd from being read in a standalone player, at best they skip.

You will get good results from a Photo Gloss label. I use Pressit Glossy labels and get v.good results with them, although I do print to them first and then stick them to the discs.

Never use sticky labels.
TDK makes great glossy photo quality printable dvd’s, but unfortunately my R200 does not know how to print them properly. I get bands of light/dark no matter what quality setting I choose. Apart from the bands, the printed labels look really good.
Canon printers seem to have no problem with these glossy printables.

I finish my inkjet printable TY’s with Patricia Nomick’s for that glossy look…

Got any links for those TDK Glossy photo version? All I can find is the MATTE version.


Only in Europe, I do not know if they are sold in the US.
Look here for info.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: