Printable Media - Hub Or No Hub?

Just got an Epson R220 and going to print on CD’s and DVD’s. My questions are:

  1. What proportion are people printing on inkjet Non-Hub printable media vs injet Hub printable media?

  2. Are you printing more CD’s or DVD’s on the hub printables?

  3. Does it really matter? In other words, if you only have non-hub printable media, and the image to be printed is for hub printable media, can you manipulate the image with Epson’s software (or some other software) so that the “hub” portion is not printed onto non-hub printable media?

  4. Another way to look at question #3 - What happens if you print an image designed for a hub printable media onto a non-hub printable media?

  5. Besides getting Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, what about Fuji and TDK white coated inkjet printable media? Please give part number since fuji makes several kinds.

  6. What settings do you use for Non-Hub printable and Hub printable media in the Epson software?


In Epson Print CD, you simply set the internal diameter to the size of the non printable area. The software takes care of the rest. I always use full face printables, which I suppose are hub printables in your terminology. Most are 23 mm inside diameter, but the Verbatims are 21 mm (= smaller hole in the middle).


Thanks for the reply.

I take it that the hub-printables do not have the printable area covering the entire disc? The hole in the middle of discs measures a little over 14 mm.

Is there also an area along the outer rim that is not printable?

Since I am just beginning to try disc printing, and I don’t know how many I will do in the future, I suppose I should just buy the hub-printables to cover all bases. I just didn’t want an ugly unprinted white center surrounding the hole if many print jobs people normally do would not include it to begin with.


The inner ring around the hub remains transparent. Epson Print CD won’t let you go below 20 mm inside, or above 120 mm outside.
The non printable area on the outside is hardly visible; you need it to pick up the dvd from the printer tray without painting your fingers. Verbatims have a 119 mm outer printable diameter.


What printable CD/DVD’s do you prefer?

What software do you use for printing on media?

Any special settings for the software or tips for handling the printed discs that would help with this new learning process?


  1. Verbatim Photo printable 8x or 16x +r (MCC003 or MCC004) or Taiyo Yuden 8x -r (TYG02).
  2. Epson Print CD.
  3. Select CD/DVD Premium Surface in your printer settings. Use a special protection spray (see other threads here).

You’re welcome.


Will give it a try.