Printable Media Help!

Hi there, am brand new to this forum, and have searched for an answer to this question for weeks all over the net, and you guys seem like you’re the only ones who might be able to help me!

I have a Canon MP500 printer and have been using it to print on to DVD’s recently with great results. I have used Alone Full-Face Printable 8x DVD-R to great effect, so I purchased some CDR of the same brand to print on to CD. All the CDs looked smudgy, grainy, and with terrible colour, whatever resolution or print standard I try.
So I tried some Datawrite Printable CD-R with the same terrible effect.
I genuinely thought I was going a bit odd in the head, so tried printing what I wanted to put on one of the CDs onto a blank DVD, and the image was great.

Any ideas please!!!???

(They were all white printable disks too, I don’t know the ins and outs of silver printable ones)

Also could anyone recommend a good fixative spray?

Annnnnd, the best program for 23fps-25fps conversion for getting rid of that annoying judder effect?

I would be so immensely grateful for any help.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden make excellent printable media - and they’re great quality discs, too.

Have a look in our CD & DVD Printing and Labeling Forum, for more people’s experiences, recommendations and reviews. :slight_smile: