Printable media for a 1620?



Hi Guys,

I have a Benq 1620 that works GREAT! Best money I ever spent!

I’ve been using TY T02s in it and they’ve worked great.

I recently picked up a Canon ip4200 printer and looking around I found that I can enable CD/DVD printing by a simple process and adding a CD/DVD tray (got one off of eBay) so I’d like to try some ink jet printable media.

Looking around I see that the TY T02s are available in ink jet printable, but the Verbatim 94812 are a bit cheaper. Doing some research it appears that the 94812 have a media ID of MCC03 . . . anyone have any experience with this media in a 1620 (B7W9 firmware)?

Thanks for any insights!



If you mean MCC 003 they should work fine with your 1620.
On the other hand, if you’ve been getting great results
with TY T02 you might want to stick with them.
Each drive is a little different. Only trial & error
will tell you for sure which media your drive likes best.


I’ve great results with the TY, though the last spindle I had a couple bad burns. I was wondering if my drive was getting a little worn, but the burns from the new spindle have been just fine so even TY must occasionally slip a few clinkers through.

I think I’ll try the Verbatims, thanks for the input!